Ohio State Wins Something

I’ve lived in Columbus, OH for a year and a half. In that time, Ohio State has been runner-up in nearly every major sport. The trend has been broken tonight, THE Ohio State University has themselves a championship! NIT Champions! Wait, what? Ohio State beat the University of Massachusetts in NYC for the NIT Tournament Championship. The students of OSU aren’t exactly turning over cars or setting dumpster fires.

I remember when Ohio State beat Michigan in football when Troy Smith was the QB and it was the #1 vs. #2 game to end the season. It was insane! I stayed in and watched the game with my roommates and then when Ohio State won, we went down on campus and it was complete chaos. I’ve never seen so many policeman on horses and crazy drunk Ohio State fans. Well, Ohio State went ahead and got creamed by Florida in the Championship game and then LSU the following year. They were also runner-ups in basketball and soccer, you can see that as a good year or a bad year, since they were so close.

I have received a lot of grief for not being an Ohio State fan. Just because a person moves to a town/state, doesn’t mean their allegiances change to their current location. America’s White Boy is no “front-runner.” I’ll be drinking RC Cola until I die, Pepsi and Coke can go to hell.

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