Song Of The Day – Eddie Money (Take Me Home Tonight)

I’ve always liked Eddie Money. When I was extremely young, my mom used to turn on MTV and leave me in front of the TV. She didn’t abandon me, she knew me too well, I would just sit there and not move. This was the mid-80s when MTV was nothing but music videos. Eddie Money’s videos were played a lot, usually at least one an hour. My favorite video was “Take Me Home Tonight.”

I don’t know why I thought Stevie Nicks was in this video, I think the girl who sings with Money sounds a lot like her. Nicks also had a lot of videos that ran on early MTV too, so I could have just crossed her up.

Anyways, the reason why Mr. Money has the “Song Of The Day” is due to MTV’s “Rock The Cradle. His daughter, Jesse Money, is a contestant on this “American Idol”-like singing competition. I wish I had a decent picture of her to post on here, but I couldn’t find anything. By this time next week, I’m sure you’ll see a lot more of Jesse Money on some blogs.

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