Song Of The Day – Lil’ Wayne (Lollipop)

I’m not much of a hip-hop fan, but Lil’ Wayne is a little different. One of the first rap albums that I bought was Juvenile’s “400 Degreez.” After I listened to that album over and over again, I started to listen to more of the Cash Money Records roster. I liked B.G., Turk, Baby, Manny, and especially Lil’ Wayne. I know he was probably 15 at the time, but his lyrics weren’t “bubble gum” like a Lil’ Romeo or Bow Wow. Lil’ Wayne is the prince of keeping it real.

Lil’ Wayne kind of fell off when Cash Money was having problems selling records. Lil’ Wayne last album seemed to propel him to a superstar level, since he has been guest starring on more tracks than T-Pain.

Lil’ Wayne’s new album, “Tha Carter III,” looks like it should only build on his success so far. A few tracks have been leaked on the internet and “Lollipop” and “A Millie” are the first two singles set to be released. They both have great hooks and a hot beat.

America’s White Boy isn’t usually your #1 place for the hottest hip-hop, but Lil’ Wayne seems to have another winner.

Here’s Lil’ Wayne’s “Lollipop”

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