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A Look at the World’s Best Surf Spots

Surfing is a truly invigorating sport. It’s an interesting combination of chilled out surfer lifestyle, and adrenaline pumped sport which appeals to many. Surfing comes with many advantages. It’s fantastic exercise and an excellent way to boost your vitamin D levels, it gives you a good chance to meet new people and develop a healthier lifestyle, and it can be an excellent way to travel the world. Many serious surfers spend the year chasing the sunshine and the best waves, experiencing different cultures, meeting new people and seeing the sights as they travel in search of the best surf spots. If you are looking for the best surf or a location for your next event, these seven places are not to be missed.

Bondi Beach, Australia

It’ll come as no surprise to find Bondi Beach, perhaps one of the most famous surf spots in the world on this list. Surf isn’t just a sport on Bondi Beach; it’s a way of life. The word Bondi literally translates as “water breaking over rocks” and it certainly does. This is a must for any serious surfer but also a fantastic place for beginners to learn from the very best.

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Enjoying Your Sports On A Budget

basketball-game-competition-sport-39593There’s no doubt about it. Being a sports fan can be very expensive. Getting the jersey is an obvious expenditure. Then there’s the games, from the tickets to travel and accommodation. Even betting, which can be a big part of the fun with your pals, can put a strain on the old bank balance. So, when you’re trying to fit a budget, what’s a guy to do?

Hit up a different scene

This point does need to come with a bit of a disclaimer. College sports leagues, particularly the big three of baseball, basketball, and football, do come with a cost. And the prices are rising. However, for most teams, the prices definitely don’t reach those of your favorite teams. Plus, there’s a certain joy for a real fan that comes with watching those who are going to make pro, knowing their strengths, weaknesses, and records before everyone else is talking about them a year or two down the line. Mix in some of that good old-fashioned civic pride, which can get even stronger in amateur leagues, and you still have an awesome time out.

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