Enjoying Your Sports On A Budget

basketball-game-competition-sport-39593There’s no doubt about it. Being a sports fan can be very expensive. Getting the jersey is an obvious expenditure. Then there’s the games, from the tickets to travel and accommodation. Even betting, which can be a big part of the fun with your pals, can put a strain on the old bank balance. So, when you’re trying to fit a budget, what’s a guy to do?

Hit up a different scene

This point does need to come with a bit of a disclaimer. College sports leagues, particularly the big three of baseball, basketball, and football, do come with a cost. And the prices are rising. However, for most teams, the prices definitely don’t reach those of your favorite teams. Plus, there’s a certain joy for a real fan that comes with watching those who are going to make pro, knowing their strengths, weaknesses, and records before everyone else is talking about them a year or two down the line. Mix in some of that good old-fashioned civic pride, which can get even stronger in amateur leagues, and you still have an awesome time out.


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Pick your games

You just can’t avoid supporting your favorite teams, however. Nor should you. If it gets your blood pumping to see them live and in action, then you can save money just by being smarter in getting your tickets. Demand for huge teams like the Lakers will always be big. By sourcing the Lakers game price for different games throughout the year, however, you can find much cheaper opportunities to see your favorite players doing what they do. The different teams they face up against, and when you book your seats, can make a huge difference.

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The big trips

If you and the guys have been planning a trip for ages that involves some traveling, then earlier preparation is the best way to cut down the costs. For instance, if you have to fly, then you should look at sites like Skyscanner that can find you the cheapest way of getting transport. It might mean leaving earlier, but that’s better than not being able to leave at all because you can’t afford the trip. Make sure to book your accommodation a lot sooner than later, too.

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Bet without the money

Betting is a big part of the enjoyment for a lot of fans. Having some irons in the fire gets you a lot more invested in the results. Most people who play fantasy leagues can tell you that the high energy of betting and the personal investment can be just as big a deal, however. With a few of your pals, think about putting together a little cash pot that still adds a bit of financial glamor to the content, even if it’s over a much longer period of time.

Getting smarter with how you enjoy your sports doesn’t just make it a lot easier on the wallet. It can deepen your appreciation of the game. You don’t have to miss a thing just because you can’t always flash the cash.


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