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Kawhi Leonard Named the Top Defensive Player In the NBA

kawhi leonard san antonio spurs 2016 nba defensive player of the year KIAThe San Antonio Spurs’ Kawhi Leonard won the 2015-16 Kia NBA Defensive Player of the Year Award. The forward is the first non-center to win this award in consecutive seasons since Dennis Rodman did so in 1990 and 1991. Leonard was critical to helping give the Spurs some of the best odds in online NBA sportsbook reports.

Leonard won with a majority of the first-place votes from 130 writers and broadcasters. He head out the Golden State Warriors’ Draymond Green and the Miami Heat’s Hassan Whiteside for the award. All three have been important for online NAB sportsbook odds but Leonard’s efforts have especially be more all-around. This comes as he has been strong from an offensive and defensive standpoint alike. His work has proven to be essential to the success of the Spurs in that he has been extremely productive and effective.

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2014-15 NBA Team Preview: San Antonio Spurs

Gregg Popovich San Antonio Spurs NBAThe Spurs have been a championship contender for so long that Coach Pop is just ‘over it’. He doesn’t want to talk about basketball or do interviews. He’s been this way for awhile. I don’t blame him. The guy just wants to play games and not do all the extra stuff.

The Spurs are once again one of the best teams in the league. Getting the #1 seed isn’t their goal. They will sit their stars when they see fit. They just want to keep their older players fresh and get in the playoffs, no matter the seed.

How many seasons do Tim Duncan and Manu Ginobli have left in them? Could this be their last together?

We will be posting a team preview for every team up until the start of the regular season.

Here is the 2014-15 NBA season preview for the San Antonio Spurs.

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