Kawhi Leonard Named the Top Defensive Player In the NBA

kawhi leonard san antonio spurs 2016 nba defensive player of the year KIAThe San Antonio Spurs’ Kawhi Leonard won the 2015-16 Kia NBA Defensive Player of the Year Award. The forward is the first non-center to win this award in consecutive seasons since Dennis Rodman did so in 1990 and 1991. Leonard was critical to helping give the Spurs some of the best odds in online NBA sportsbook reports.

Leonard won with a majority of the first-place votes from 130 writers and broadcasters. He head out the Golden State Warriors’ Draymond Green and the Miami Heat’s Hassan Whiteside for the award. All three have been important for online NAB sportsbook odds but Leonard’s efforts have especially be more all-around. This comes as he has been strong from an offensive and defensive standpoint alike. His work has proven to be essential to the success of the Spurs in that he has been extremely productive and effective.

Kawhi Leonard was a key part of the Spurs’ defense this season. The team led the league with 92.9 points given up per game. The defensive rating was 96.9 points for every 100 possessions; this too was the lowest in the league. This was important to the Spurs’ 67-15 record. This is the best record that the Spurs have ever gotten. The Spurs led the strong efforts of Leonard and the rest of the team to where they almost had a perfect record at the AT&T Center.

The defense was strong but it was even better when Leonard was on the court. The defensive rating when Leonard was playing was 94.9.In addition, Leonard had 1.78 steals per game, 5.5 defensive rebounds per game and close to a block per game on average. This all came with 21.2 points per game and 2.6 assists per game. These are both career highs; Leonard has played in the NBA for five years now and is showing no sign of stopping in terms of his strong performances.

Leonard’s success will also be important to the charity of his choice. Leonard has chosen to donate the Kia Sorento CUV from the honor to the Childrens Bereavement Center of South Texas. This organization provides grief support services to kids in the state. This is a special promotion as Kia donates new vehicles to each finalist for that to be given to individual charities on their behalf. Kia has donated more than forty vehicles in support of this award. The efforts being made by Kia have especially been critical to helping many of these charities with supporting some of the key functions that they perform.

The Kia NBA Defensive Player of the Year award is a key part of the KIA NBA Performance Awards. This program between the league and the prominent car company includes awards for many of the top players in the league. These include the awards for the league’s most valuable player, the best defensive player, the league’s top rookie, the most improved player in the league and the top sixth man. Kia is the official vehicle company of the NBA while the Kia Optima is the official vehicle of the league.

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