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CBS Sports App Makes Other Sports Apps Obsolete

cbs_green_1_largeI fiddle with my phone a lot when I’m in public. I don’t really play games on it, but I’m always looking for something new to read. I automatically go to my favorite sports sites to read up-to-date news, but sometimes those sites aren’t very user-friendly on mobile browsers.

I recently downloaded the CBS Sports app and I find it easier to navigate than other sports sites and apps. I have deleted a handful of other sports apps since downloading this app.

I just added all my favorite teams and I can easily track the scores. I even added a few teams I don’t like, but have fantasy baseball players on my teams. Having to see St. Louis Cardinals scores is a small price to pay to keep track of Randal Grichuk and Seung-hwan Oh’s performances.

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Podcast Starter Kit: “The Comedy Button”

Comedy+Button+Cast+Podcast+Itunes+ComedyIf you’re new to the podcast world and unsure about what to subscribe to on Itunes, we’re here to help.

We listen to various podcasts while we write, so we know some of the gems buried in the pile of bad podcasts in Itunes.

The Comedy Button is a comedy podcast made by guys in the video game industry. Many of the guys currently write at IGN or Geekbox. The cast includes: Anthony Gallegos, Ryan Scott, Brian Altano, Scott Bromley and Max Scoville.

A lot of the humor is very geek-oriented (video games, comic books), but once you listen to an episode, you’ll want to hear more.

We post a few YouTube clips from their show and where you can listen to The Comedy Button episodes. Continue reading