CBS Sports App Makes Other Sports Apps Obsolete

cbs_green_1_largeI fiddle with my phone a lot when I’m in public. I don’t really play games on it, but I’m always looking for something new to read. I automatically go to my favorite sports sites to read up-to-date news, but sometimes those sites aren’t very user-friendly on mobile browsers.

I recently downloaded the CBS Sports app and I find it easier to navigate than other sports sites and apps. I have deleted a handful of other sports apps since downloading this app.

I just added all my favorite teams and I can easily track the scores. I even added a few teams I don’t like, but have fantasy baseball players on my teams. Having to see St. Louis Cardinals scores is a small price to pay to keep track of Randal Grichuk and Seung-hwan Oh’s performances.

As a avid Twitter user, I love one feature the most on the CBS Sports app. If you click on a game in the scoreboard that is on the schedule, you can follow a Twitter feed of specific team-related Twitter accounts. I don’t have to use my own Twitter, which is currently a bit clogged up with accounts that cover ALL sports. If I want to read some tweets about the Chicago Cubs/Cincinnati Reds game, all the important tweets are right there. Also, if the game is in progress, there is a Gametracker that gives you a pitch-by-pitch update (or whatever increment your sport goes by).

You can even stream live video of CBS Sports event on the sports app...which is a nice bonus during the NCAA Tournament. You will no longer need to minimize your Microsoft Excel spreadsheets to watch the games at work.

As a writer that covers sports myself, I’m a bit picky about which writers I read. I love writers that refrain from grandiose hyperbole. I’ve downloaded other sports apps in the past, but the writers were all about exaggerated click-bait headlines. This sports app gets it right with their columnists.

Want to read awesome NBA news? This app has Matt Moore covering the sport.

Want to read in-depth MLB columns? This app has Jonah Keri’s long-form articles.

Want to read NFL breaking news? This app has Jason La Canfora out-scooping other NFL writers.

As a person whose cell phone and tablet are glued to their hand, the CBS Sports app is a nice addition to my home screen. It’s by far the best Free Android sports app in the Google Play store.

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Bobby Roberts (otherwise known as Sweetbob) is the creator of ‘America’s White Boy’ and contributor at Project Shanks. His writing has been featured on ESPN’s ‘SportsNation’, Sports Illustrated’s Hot ClicksGuyspeed, and various other sites. You can follow him on Twitter at @Sweetbob.

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