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The 30 Hottest Female Athletes of the 2014 Winter Olympics

Anna Sidorova Hot Sexy Russian Curling 2014 Sochi Winter OlympicsThe 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia will begin this weekend. We want to make sure our readers are as informed as possible. We have logged many hours scouting the female ‘talent’ who will compete in this year’s Winter Olympic games.

We wanted to make sure that we only list the female olympians you will see during the telecast on NBC. Every female athlete in this post are medal contenders in their respective events and a few could win the gold.

This list of the 30 hottest/sexiest female athletes who will compete in the 2014 Winter Olympics come from a wide range of sports. We have ladies who compete in snowboarding, curling, skeleton, bobsledding, skiing and even hockey! A few of the names will be familiar to you, but we have picked out a few sleepers who will turn heads and make appearances on every sports blog the day after their event.

Have a seat, open a Red Bull, and enjoy the view…

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