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The Art Of Fishing: And Why You Should Take Your Family Along For The Ride

For centuries, Americans have enjoyed fishing as both a leisure activity, and a way to feed their families. Fishing is the quintessential all-American activity that can be done in quiet solitude alone or jovially with buddies. It can bring the family together as they plan the trip, catch, prepare and eat the fish. While many anglers enjoy fishing by themselves, appreciating the quality time with nature, but there are plenty of reasons why fishing can be great for the whole family, especially the kids.


In today’s world of cheap and convenient sugary, salty and fatty processed foods, kids face an uphill battle to give their bodies the right nutrition to grow into healthy and responsible adults. Since fish is a nutritious food source, if you choose (or are able) to eat your catch, it can be a valuable lesson in the virtues of consuming naturally sourced foods. In an age where processed foods are increasingly becoming the norm, it’s great to give kids the opportunity to understand where their food comes from.

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The Best Trips To Take With The Family

Even though summer is coming to a close, there’s never a bad time of year to take a trip out with the family for a day or a weekend. This doesn’t have to mean a few days of sun in Europe or along the coast. A trip with the family just needs to be an adventure, and there are many different ways in which you could find something to get the whole family pumped for some bonding time.

At the end of the day, what matters most is that you’re all spending time together. It doesn’t matter what you do so much as who you’re spending it with. That being said, there are good trips to take and bad trips. A history lesson at the local museum might not be exactly what your children were hoping for when they wanted a break from school more than anything else. Here are some ideas for the best trips you could take with the family during this summer or perhaps even autumn if you need a little planning time.

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It’s Time To Find Your Escape Through Hobbies

fishingbaypexelsWe all need an escape. We are all going to need a getaway. Why? Because life can get too much sometimes, and hey – it isn’t always about being a productive worker bee in your place of work. It’s about enjoying the little things, finding those little talents or quirks that can help you make the most of your time away from your workplace. We can overwork ourselves and end up in a stressed out heap, or we can find that escape from the world that we enjoy and make the most of our lives. Which option sounds better? It’s the second one – always! Sorry to make the choice for you, but everyone needs a hobby – but not just that – they need a chill hobby that serves a purpose. That’s no offense to those other hobbies, but some don’t always serve as an escape, but another source of frustration! These can include sports, but it depends on your mentality, it will always depend on your attitude – remember a hobby should help you escape, not get you all riled up when you are home away from your desk!

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Fun Hobbies For Guys (That Aren’t Sports!)

pexels-photo-300788Everyone needs hobbies. They keep us productive, teach us new skills and help break things up, so it feels like we’re doing more in our lives than just sleep and work! But it can be difficult knowing where to start, especially as most hobbies recommended for men tend to be of the sporting variety. Sports and exercise are great, and if you’re the kind of person who finds working out fun, then that’s fantastic. But for us mere mortals who only exercise because we have to, here are some other kind of hobbies that might occupy you!

Flying Drones

Drones have grown massively in popularity over the last few years. While they’re useful tools for videographers, the police and even Amazon, flying drones as a hobby is a lot of fun too. If you’re the kind of guy who loved things like remote controlled boats, cars and planes as a kid, then you’re sure to love this. They can be bought within all budgets these days, so whether you want to spend a little or a lot you’re sure to have fun outside controlling these awesome little contraptions!

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