Fun Hobbies For Guys (That Aren’t Sports!)

pexels-photo-300788Everyone needs hobbies. They keep us productive, teach us new skills and help break things up, so it feels like we’re doing more in our lives than just sleep and work! But it can be difficult knowing where to start, especially as most hobbies recommended for men tend to be of the sporting variety. Sports and exercise are great, and if you’re the kind of person who finds working out fun, then that’s fantastic. But for us mere mortals who only exercise because we have to, here are some other kind of hobbies that might occupy you!

Flying Drones

Drones have grown massively in popularity over the last few years. While they’re useful tools for videographers, the police and even Amazon, flying drones as a hobby is a lot of fun too. If you’re the kind of guy who loved things like remote controlled boats, cars and planes as a kid, then you’re sure to love this. They can be bought within all budgets these days, so whether you want to spend a little or a lot you’re sure to have fun outside controlling these awesome little contraptions!


There are few things more relaxing than heading to your local body of water with your fishing equipment and a few cold drinks. There are lots of different types of fishing available so if you’re new to the hobby work out which kind it is that you want to do. If you’re wondering what is fly fishing, for example, this method uses a lure on the surface of the water. Whereas spin fishing uses heavier lures which imitate fish. The type of fishing you want to do depends on the kit you will need to hire or buy so do some research. Another thing to bear in mind is that many places require fishing licenses. However, they’re simple to get and aren’t expensive.


Building Computers

If you’re a bit of a computer buff, why not play around with building your own computers or robotics? It’s geeky while somehow still being incredibly cool. You’ll use your brain, put your skills to the test and might even make a bit of money by creating custom computers for people. If you’re more of a beginner, there are sets you can buy which come with instructions and allow you to gain a bit of knowledge before starting your own projects,


It might involve running around and being active, but you’ll be having so much fun it won’t feel like a workout! Paintballing is usually something people arrange for things like birthdays and stag parties, but you don’t need to wait for a special occasion. Round everyone up and prepare for some healthy competition! It’s messy and physically demanding but a whole lot of fun. Laser tag is another option and has a similar kind of vibe, there are plenty of places that run this for adults so check out what’s local to you.

Do you have any hobbies that aren’t sports or fitness related?

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