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Louis C.K. Is A Funny Dude

I was listening to Bill Simmon’s podcast last week, “The B.S. Report,” and he had Patton Oswalt on and he was talking about funny comedians. He said that the funniest guy out there was Louis C.K. and I kind of agree. I ran a few posts concerning the best comedians out there and I have mentioned Brian Posehn and Mitch Fatel and I don’t know why I haven’t posted videos of Louis C.K. Here are some videos and why Louis C.K. is a funny dude.

Mr. C.K. was on the Tonight Show tonight with Megan Fox (wowzers!). He killed it and he is also in the upcoming movie, “The Invention Of Lying,” which stars Ricky Gervais. I see big things happening for him in the upcoming year and if you want to hear more of Louis C.K.’s stand-up, go out rent his stand-up special, “Chewed Up.” He is working on a new stand-up special, “Hilarious,” which may be out sometime this year. Here are some videos of some of Louis C.K.’s best work.

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