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MLB Suspends 12 Players Linked to Biogenesis Scandal

NELSON-CRUZ-BIOGENESISIt finally happened. According to a report by ESPN and Yahoo!, Major League Baseball will announce that 12 players will accept suspensions linked to Biogenesis scandal. There is one glaring admission, Alex Rodriguez.

The list of players to receive 50-game suspensions are those who agreed to not appeal their suspensions.

The list is full of players already reported to be linked to the Biogenesis scandal and a few that weren’t as prominently reported.

The list below are players who will start serving their suspensions right away. Continue reading

Ryan Perrilloux, I Give Up!

Ryan Perrilloux is becoming one of the most tragic figures in college football. The kid was the #1 prospect going into college football a few years ago. He signed with LSU and all was right with the world, but after a string of suspensions and rule violations, the program cut him loose. He ended up on Jacksonville State, a Football Championship Subdivision team (or D-II school for those who were born before 2006). He was able to play immediately, but now it looks like trouble has followed him again.

Perrilloux was suspended today for the team’s first game against Georgia Tech. They did not disclose what the rules violation was, but for a former blue-chipper to be suspended by a D-II school, it had to be bad. With this being his last year of eligibility, he needs as many marquee games as he can get into. Jacksonville State’s schedule isn’t loaded with too many teams that will get national coverage. They only have two games against D-I talent, Georgia Tech being the first game and then the next week they play Florida State. The team did say that Perrilloux will be able to play against the Seminoles, but I’m sure he would have liked a warm up game before facing them.

Many believe that Perrilloux signed with LSU because he was a local kid and he wanted to play for his own state school. I believe that he was talked into signing with LSU by his family, because they knew that he wasn’t mature enough to be away from home. He has proven me right time after time with his immaturity and the inable to stay out of trouble. It may have done him well if he gotten away from some of his “running buddies” and established himself somewhere that he couldn’t get in trouble. I’m sure Nebraska or Iowa would have loved to have him back in 2005, but the 2009 version of Perrilloux is barely able to hold on to a D-II QB position.

Everyone roots for the underdog and they want a feel-good redemption story. Josh Hamilton would be the “best-case” scenario for Perrilloux. If he can make it through this season with good numbers and keep his nose clean, maybe an NFL team would give him a shot. Mark Sanchez was in that class and Perrilloux was thought to be a better prospect than the future #5 pick in the 2009 NFL Draft. I doubt he’ll get drafted in fear of a slip-up and the eventual Roger Goodell punishment that would follow, but I’m rooting for the kid. I hope he comes out against Florida State and lights them up, ’cause everyone forgets about a player’s off-the-field issues, when he’s producing on-the-field. It’s a sad realization, but I really think this kid needs a Tony Dungy-like mentor to help him. But, until I see some sort of maturity out of you, I give up!
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Song Of The Day – Mae (Suspension)

I like to think that I had a little to do with Mae’s success. I know this can’t be farther from the truth, but after I saw them in concert, I told all my friends. I ended up interviewing the lead singer at a McDonald’s, which was across the street from the venue in Indianapolis. They opened up for The Starting Line, which was also very good.

Mae is a band from the Richmond, VA area. They released two albums on Tooth and Nail, which signs predominantly Christian rock acts. T&N doesn’t consider themselves as a Christian label, since they do sign bands that consider themselves as secular, like Mae and Emery. Their newest album, “Singularity,” was released on Capitol Records. It has a little different sound, more like Goo Goo Dolls than anything else.

Here is an oldie from Mae, “Suspension.”

A Sports & Entertainment blog that focuses on absurdity in sports, snarky banter, updates on Tim Tebow’s virginity, and decent sports gambling advice.