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Song Of The Day – Weezer (Pork & Beans)

Weezer did it again! After their last album, breakup rumors were louder than ever. Alternative Press magazine ran a story about the members of the band not speaking to each other between albums and Rivers Cuomo releasing a solo of B-sides didn’t curb the rumors. “The Red Album” has been swirling around on the net for the last few weeks and it sounds a little different from previous albums, but still predominantly Weezer.

I’ve been a fan of Weezer since “The Blue Album” and will keeping being a fan even if they put out a stinker of an album (“Maladroit). I’ve only seen one Weezer concert, but it would amazing. I would recommend going to a Weezer concert if you have the chance, they don’t tour often and who knows with Cuomo will go back to being a hermit and the band will eventually dissolve.

Here is the video for “Pork & Beans,” you will recognize a lot of random YouTube stars in the video, a true classic.

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