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The ‘Way Too Early’ 2017 NBA Championship Betting Odds

nba cleveland cavaliers 2017 nba championship betting oddsThe confetti is still clogging the drains in the streets of Cleveland, but that doesn’t stop Vegas from releasing championship betting odds for 2016-17 NBA season.

The NBA Draft just occurred and and the NBA Free Agency period hasn’t even started yet, but here we are talking about next year. A lot of players have already opted out of their contracts hoping to land more guaranteed money and others are being desperately shopped by their current teams.

Teams like the Indiana Pacers, Orlando Magic and the New York Knicks have certainly helped their odds thanks to some deals they made last week.

Are the Cleveland Cavaliers early favorites to repeat?

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Cleveland Cavaliers: 2012 Summer League Roster

The NBA Summer League is made for young talent to mesh with each other. It is also a nice stage for undrafted free agents and veterans looking for a contract.

The Cleveland Cavaliers’ Summer League roster is loaded with young talent. They have one of the best overall rosters that will be playing in Las Vegas in mid-July.

Since last year’s Summer League was cancelled due to the NBA Lockout, Kyrie Irving and Tristan Thompson will be playing in their first Summer League games. They are joined by players who were selected in last month’s NBA Draft and other young talent looking to impress NBA scouts.

Check out who will be playing on Cleveland’s Summer League team. The roster is after the jump…

T.J. Campbell – 5’9 190 lbs. – PG – Portland (NCAA)
Michael Eric – 6’11 240 lbs. – PF/C – Temple (NCAA)
*Luke Harangody – 6’7 245 lbs. – SF/PF – Notre Dame (NCAA)
Justin Holiday – 6’6 185 lbs. – SG/SF – Washington (NCAA)
*Kyrie Irving – 6’3 191 lbs. – PG – Duke (NCAA)
Rob Jones – 6’6 240 lbs. – SF – Saint Mary’s (NCAA)
D.J. Kennedy – 6’6 215 lbs. – SG/SF – St. John’s (NCAA)
Matt Pressey – 6/2 195 lbs. – PG/SG – Missouri (NCAA)
*Samardo Samuels – 6’9 260 lbs. – PF – Louisville (NCAA)
*Donald Sloan – 6’3 205 lbs. – SG – Texas A&M (NCAA)
Garrett Temple – 6’6 195lbs. – SG – LSU (NCAA)
*Tristan Thompson – 6’9 227 lbs. – PF/C – Texas (NCAA)
Dion Waiters – 6’3 221 lbs. – G – Syracuse (NCAA)
Tyler Zeller – 7’0 250 lbs. – PF/C – North Carolina (NCAA)

*previously on Cleveland Cavaliers 2011-12 roster


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Chicago Bulls: 2012 Summer League Roster

The NBA Summer League will soon begin in Las Vegas. The yearly ritual of basketball bloggers tweeting about how much he loves an undrafted college player because he wants to be the first to be “all-in” on a guy.

The Chicago Bulls squad in Vegas has a wide range of talent. You a guy who will play a major role this season (Marquis Teague) to a player who owns an NBA championship ring (Leon Powe).

Chicago will be looking for cheap options to fill out their roster in 2012-13. Ronnie Brewer and Kyle Korver aren’t expected back, but they could use their amnesty clause on Carlos Boozer.

The Summer League roster for the Chicago Bulls is after the jump…

*Jimmy Butler – 6’7 220 lbs. – SG/SF – Marquette (NCAA)
Olek Czyz – 6’7 240 lbs. – SF/PF – Nevada (NCAA)
Justin Johnson – 6’2 175 lbs. – SG/PG – Concordia-Irvine (NCAA)
Demetri McCamey – 6’3 204 lbs. – PG – Illinois (NCAA)
Ramone Moore – 6’5 188 lbs. – SG – Temple (NCAA)
Leon Powe – 6’8 240 lbs. – PF – California-Berkely (NCAA)
Chase Simon – 6’5 216 lbs. – SG – Detroit (NCAA)
Henry Sims – 7’0 241 lbs. – PF/C – Georgetown (NCAA)
Jamie Skeen – 6’8 242 lbs. – PF – Virginia Commonwealth (NCAA)
Jermaine Taylor – 6’4 205 lbs. – SG – Central Florida (NCAA)
Marquis Teague – 6’2 189 lbs. – PG – Kentucky (NCAA)
Malcolm Thomas – 6’9 223 lbs. – SF/PF – San Diego State (NCAA)
Edwin Ubiles – 6’6 204 lbs. – SG/SF – Siena (NCAA)

*previously on Chicago Bulls 2011-12 roster

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New Jersey to Allow Sports Gambling This Fall, Who’s Next?

New Jersey governor Chris Christie made a bold move by announcing that his state will allow sports gambling this fall. He will disobey a federal law that only allows sports gambling in a few predetermined states. Those states had to opt-in back in 1991.

A federal law called the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act limits sports betting to four states that approved it by a 1991 deadline: Nevada, Delaware, Oregon and Montana. At the time, New Jersey was given the chance to become the fifth but failed to act during a prescribed window. Continue reading