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2014-15 NCAA Football – Bowl Games – Betting Picks Against Spread

funny painting old guy football helmet scotch tightend yarmoskyIt’s bowl season!

I had a pretty decent year picking college football games against the spread. My record is now 148-118-4 on the season.

When betting on bowl games, make sure to Google if the team still has their head coach. Not many coaching changes have happened, but Nebraska, Pittsburgh, Wisconsin and a few others, won’t have their coach for the bowl.

We were 134-79-8 against the spread betting on college football games for the 2013-14 season. We hope to finish this season strong.

We pick against the spread for every bowl game. Enjoy!

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2014 March Madness: #8 Kentucky vs #9 Kansas State

Julius Randle Kentucky Wildcats 2014 NCAA TournamentWe are picking every NCAA Tournament game in an effort to help you fill out your bracket and win your office pool.

Kentucky head coach John Calipari is a great recruiter, but turning over a roster every year might be getting to him. The players on his roster will go onto the NBA and have great careers, but the last two seasons have been disappointing.

Kansas State played one of the hardest schedules in college basketball. They were playing a ranked team every other night. I am surprised they survived and played well enough for an at-large bid.

Can the Kentucky freshman pull it together and make some noise in the tournament?

Who do you think will win? We help you fill out your bracket.

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College Football: What A Weird Day!

I can barely begin to point out all the surprises that happened this week in college football. You had big upsets, teams looking like crap, crappy players looking amazing, and the Big Ten not looking so hot (well, that isn’t much of a surprise). Here are the weirdest things that happened today in college football.

– Tate Forcier looked like Fran Tarkenton against Notre Dame. He was passing with precision and even made a guy lose his joke when he faked him out on a touchdown run on 4th and 3. Is Michigan for real or was this just bad clock management by Notre Dame?

– The University of Houston made Oklahoma State look like Big 12 title pretenders. The Cowboys started the game out in a hole and even Dez Bryant’s return touchdown couldn’t save this team from imploding. This was Houston’s biggest win in a long time.

– Northwestern was supposed to be good, but barely sweaking by Eastern Michigan? That isn’t going to cut it, they aren’t even the good directional Michigan school. They are going to lose a few before the Big Ten season begins, but as bad as some of the Big Ten teams have looked, they could fair well during conference play.

– Speaking of bad Big Ten teams, Michigan State let Central Michigan win this game. Dan Lefevour will be playing in the NFL, but the rest of the Chippewas aren’t up to his level. The Spartans shouldn’t forget this game or they will be doomed to repeat it.

– Ohio State actually gave USC a game tonight. I thought for sure that USC would roll them in Columbus, but it didn’t look like the Trojans’ offense could ever get started. I think they were taking the Buckeyes lightly, but OSU’s defense brought it’s A-game. I still think Ohio State will lose a game or two more this year and USC could be in danger of losing a game to Cal or even Notre Dame in South Bend.

– Oklahoma didn’t lose a stride without Sam Bradford and Jermaine Gresham. I know that they were playing Idaho State, but this could mean that BYU could actually be for real. The Cougars rolled over Tulane today and should move up even more spots up the rankings.

– North Carolina has to be better than this. Butch Davis is a great recruiter and he has had some great recruiting classes since he’s been the coach at UNC. They will need to develop these guys into winning games by more than a lucky holding call against Connecticut.

– The Georgia vs. South Carolina game was supposed to be a low-scoring game, since both offenses looked bad in their previous games and both defenses are above-average. Well, they ended up scoring a combined 78 points with Georgia barely hanging on for the victory. I don’t think anyone saw this coming.

– Is the MAC good again this year? Bowling Green took Missouir all the way to the wire today and this is coming a week after Mizzou spanked Illinois. Bowling Green wasn’t supposed to be that good this year, but this will get people’s attention.

– Wasn’t this supposed to be the year that Tennessee finally beats UCLA? They have had their number and the Vols lost today against a freshman quarterback. Things won’t get any easier as Tim Tebow and the Gators face them next week. I have a feeling that the Lane Kiffin won’t be happy with the outcome of that game either.

– I know that Kansas State wasn’t going to be great this season. They lost Josh Freeman to the draft, but they are supposed to beat teams like Louisiana-Lafayette. I’m not sure why KSU agreed to play this game on the road, but it bit them in the ass.

– Florida State almost loses to Jacksonville State, really? Ryan Perrilloux came back from suspension and almost leads his team past the Seminoles. How would that rank in the all-time worst loses for Bobby Bowden? I would guess that it would have been top 3, not knowing any other loses that would equal that, but he’s been coaching for longer than even my dad has been alive, so I’m sure there had to be a few bad ones.

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