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Would Peyton Help Groom Tim Tebow?

As Peyton Manning is in Denver talking with the Broncos, we all wonder how this will affect Tim Tebow. It isn’t a guarantee that Manning will sign with them, since he will most likely visit a few more teams. Would Manning be afraid of the backlash that comes with blocking Tim Tebow from starting? Would he accept the role of mentor? What can Tebow learn from one of the games best quarterbacks? A lot of questions are still in the air, but one thing is known, they are both fierce competitors.

Manning has never been on a team with another quarterback that could start in the NFL. I think he has helped groom some of his back-ups in Indianapolis, but it wasn’t his job. When the Colts were winning 12 games a year, Jim Sorgi or Curtis Painer would play a lot in the last few games of the year.┬áManning would have a headset on and he would be calling plays. He was able to do that because he had no threat at losing his job. I’m guessing that he enjoyed watching someone that he helped mold and call plays for him. Saying all of that, the situation in Denver would be quite different.

Drafting Tim Tebow in the first-round and having the ground-swell of support from Denver’s fans, has been a problem for the Broncos front-office. John Elway has since taken over the operations and he wasn’t in charge when Tebow was drafted. Football bloggers and mainstream journalists were waiting to see if Elway would him a shot. After a watching the first few games last year, Elway thought that they had nothing to lose and unleashed Tebow. Was Elway hoping that he would fall on his face? Elway’s in a position that he has to leave Tebow alone or the fanbase will turn on him. The only way out of this would be if he signed Peyton Manning.

Denver’s defense was very solid last year and rookie Von Miller was exceptional. In a weak AFC West, the Broncos are built to win now. They have the cap space to sign Manning and maybe a few of his old teammates (Reggie Wayne, Pierre Garcon, and/or Dallas Clark). The fanbase would realize that Manning would be the best choice to lead this team…right now.

What can Tebow learn from being Manning’s back-up? First, he would probably be in less pictorials with his shirt off. I’ve seen Tim Tebow shirtless more times than I have seen myself nude. After that is addressed, he can learn to become a better passer. Manning helped build an offense around his strengths. Tom Moore was a huge help in doing that, but he started to learn defenses and call audibles at the line. This what Tebow needs to learn the most from Manning. If he can recognize defenses, he can go in the huddle and call one passing play and one QB option play. He can see what the defense gives him and then signal to his teammates which play he’s calling. If he perfected that, Tebow would be more of a threat than Michael Vick…assuming that Tebow learns how to throw more accurately.

Will Manning groom Tim Tebow if he signs with Denver? I’m assuming that it would be a condition in his contract. What if Manning finishes his career there, in three or four years, and hands the keys to Tebow and he stinks? It wouldn’t completely tarnish his reputation, but it wouldn’t look good. Brett Favre never had that problem with Aaron Rodgers, even though he had nothing to do with Rodgers’ success.

The apprenticeship that Tebow would receive from Manning would be priceless. They are both fierce competitors, Tebow just needs someone to mold him. He will not be fixed over night, so Manning would be the perfect stopgap.

Seriously bro, put on a shirt!

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