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2015 NFL Team Preview: Detroit Lions

funny Detroit Lions dog 2015 NFL season previewThe Detroit Lions have been known to take one step forward and ten steps back. They haven’t been able to patch together two decent seasons They were 10-6 in 2011, but then had back-to-back losing seasons before rebounding last season with an 11-5 record.

I expect a big year from both Matthew Stafford and Calvin Johnson. Stafford has thrown for 4,000+ yards for four straight seasons, but struggled with turnovers for a few seasons. The addition of Golden Tate last year kept him from constantly throwing to Calvin Johnson when he was double and triple covered.

Detroit hasn’t won a division title since 1993. Can they defy the odds and overtake Green Bay in the North?

Here is the 2015 NFL team preview for the Detroit Lions.

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Seattle Seahawks sign Terrell Owens

The Seattle Seahawks signed veteran wide receiver, and fledgling reality television star, Terrell Owens to a one-year deal Monday night. Owens last played for the Cincinnati Bengals in 2010, but his season was cut short due to a knee injury. He has played in the NFL for San Francisco, Philadelphia, Dallas, Buffalo and Cincinnati…and most recently, the Allen Wranglers of the Indoor Football League.

Seattle recently released WR Mike Williams and are in need of a big target. Doug Baldwin, Deon Butler, Golden Tate, Sidney Rice, Ben Obomanu, Braylon Edwards, and Antonio Bryant are all in camp battling for wide receiver positions. Baldwin, Tate, Butler, and Rice are locks for a roster spot, but they need a veteran to anchor that group. Edwards, Owens, and Bryant are attractive options, but all three have off-the-field issues. Edwards failed in San Francisco last season and Bryant hasn’t played a game in the NFL since 2009.

Owens ran a 4.5 40-yard time and is in great shape for a 38-year old. He can still produce in the NFL if he can keep his nose clean and stay away from Dr. Phil. He has a great shot at making the team and we hope to see him resurrect his career.

Terrell Owens’ career stats are 1,078 receptions, 15,934 receiving yards and 153 touchdowns over 15 NFL seasons. He is the only player to score a touchdown against all 32 NFL teams.

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Notre Dame Should Go To A Bowl Game

The Notre Dame Fighting Irish decided to forgo a bowl game this season. They finished 6-6 and would have gone to a decent bowl game, since they are Notre Dame. I don’t see why they would pass up the chance to recoup some of the money that they paid Charlie Weis to get out of town. I know that the Fighting Irish don’t look like they have much fight in them, but they made a big mistake by passing up their bowl game.

Remember Notre Dame’s bowl game last year? They beat Hawaii 49-21, which was one of the biggest highlights of a dim season. If it wasn’t for that game, many people wouldn’t have been so high on the Irish this season. It looks like a few of the players are going to forgo their senior year and head to the NFL, wouldn’t it be good for them to have one last showcase before the combines? I just don’t get the reasoning behind this decision.

Notre Dame said that they spoke to their assistant coaches and team leaders to make their decision. I understand that the players were behind Charlie Weis and didn’t want to see him go. This could be one last moment of standing up for their coach. I can understand that, but as the University, in these economic times, I don’t care if you are Notre Dame, you need the money. South Bend, Indiana isn’t exactly Manhattan, they are hit just as bad as any other place in the Midwest. You should have taken the money, even if it meant that you stand the chance of finishing the season under .500.

I don’t see the reasoning behind this decision and I probably never will, but hey I wouldn’t have been accepted to Notre Dame, even if I could afford it.

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Will Charlies Weis Wear A Hawaiian Shirt?

Christmas Eve isn’t much of a sports hotbed this year. The only game on in all four major sports is the Hawaii Bowl. This year’s Hawaii Bowl is getting a lot more attention than the usual match-up since Notre Dame is traveling to Hawaii to take on the Hawaii Warriors in essentially a home game for the islands. No matter the outcome of the game, Notre Dame football will be headed in a new direction.

If Notre Dame wins the game, they will finally erase the stigma of have a 15-year winless bowl game streak. A win against Hawaii would help Notre Dame escape back-to-back losing seasons and 7-6 would actually seem like a nice season overall for this young Irish team. A win to cap off the season will help rejuvenate the rabid Irish fanbase and give them some juice going into the off-season. They haven’t felt good ending a season since Raghib Ismail and Rick Mirer wore the golden helmets.

If Notre Dame loses, Weis’s seat will get hotter, I know he has gotten the thumbs up from the athletic director, but a beating by Hawaii could change his mind. It could put a damper on recruiting and the overall feel of Notre Dame going into next season. If Jimmy Clausen has a bad game, you have to think that they will look for an open competition going into spring. He will be a junior and needs to keep getting better, since Weis’s offense relies heavily on the quarterback. Dayne Crist could be a decent option if they grow sour of Clausen.

If Notre Dame hopes to win this game, Clausen will have to protect the ball and get the ball into the hands of his receivers. Notre Dame’s receivers are quite elusive in the open field. Golden Tate and Michael Floyd need huge games for them to beat the Warriors.

The Hawaii Bowl line started out with Hawaii favored by two points, but as of today, the line moved and now the Irish is favored by two. I do think the Irish will win this game, but if Hawaii scores more than 24 points, the Irish probably won’t be able to keep up. The score needs to be low and Clausen can’t throw more than one interception. Let’s hope that Weis doesn’t shoot himself in the leg and start going deep early in the first quarter.

No Charlie! Put the gun away!

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The Irish Must Be Drunk

After losing to Boston College 17-0 last week, the only positive news about Charlie Weis and Notre Dame came from the Athletic Director with the deadly “vote of confidence.” I can’t remember the last time I heard so much negative press about Notre Dame, oh wait, last week! Charlie Weis is approaching the Tyrone Willingham range at Notre Dame and is approaching Bob Davie range.

As you read this post, I would like to like everyone know that I am a Notre Dame fan, but I am rational. My hometown is less than an hour away from South Bend and all my friends back home have been suicidal the last two seasons. I have lived in Columbus, OH the last three football seasons and it’s amazing to live in a city that could possibly be more insane about college football than Notre Dame fans, 9 out of 10 cars in this city have some sort of Brutus or Buckeye decal in the window or personalized license plate. I need to figure out why Notre Dame is so bad and try and debunk some of the “theories” why Notre Dame looks like a team full of Rudys. Here are some of the theories and my rebuttal.

Five-Star recruits go to colleges with warm weather. I do admit that this theory has some weight to it, but still not true. Elite players go to warmer weather to play in the SEC, Big 12, and USC. Notre Dame recruited Jimmy Clausen, Golden Tate, and Michael Floyd, players that were highly-recruited and would garner playing time on many top 25 teams in the country. I’m not sure that warm weather is the only reason they choose those places, most likely reason is that they want to be on a winning and competitive program. I can also add that the weather in South Bend, IN and Columbus, OH are comparable and Ohio State still recruits a top-ten class every year. Columbus may be maybe five degrees warmer with a little less snow, but the city itself helps recruits players to OSU. South Bend wouldn’t exist of Notre Dame wasn’t there, it’s solely dependent on the university to maintain the city, the same cannot be said for Columbus, OH.

The schedule is too difficult at Notre Dame. Over the last few seasons, the schedule at Notre Dame has slowly looked more like a non-conference schedule at North Dakota St. If you add teams like North Carolina, Duke, Syracuse, and Washington and you subtract games against Ohio State, Georgia Tech, BYU, and Penn State, you will win more games. Even if Notre Dame went 11-1 this season with their only loss coming against USC, they wouldn’t even be in the top 10 in the BCS with their weak schedule. You could argue that dumbing down the schedule at Notre Dame could hurt recruiting, since their not playing against the same caliber of teams as past Notre Dame squads.
Notre Dame needs a new coach. Really? You think you could get a better coach than Charlis Weis? I think Notre Dame fans have amnesia. The last two coaching searches held by Notre Dame came with about denials each and one coach who they canned after the press conference for a botched resume. No one wants to coach at Notre Dame. I’m sure they would try and go after Mike Leach, Jon Gruden (for the third time), Turner Gill, Bob Stoops, and maybe even Brady Hoke from Ball State, but would end up with the Offensive Coordinator at some SEC team that wouldn’t get any other coaching offers. I know whatever is going on at Notre Dame is broken, but starting all over again isn’t always the answer. I would give Coach Weis the rest of this season and the next, if things aren’t improved, I think he should be canned. An improvement would be a top 20 BCS ranking, not a BCS bowl game kind of an improvement like most Notre Dame fans would be looking for.

Here is my theory to help Notre Dame restore its former glory. Notre Dame needs to join a conference. The Big Ten would love to add Notre Dame, even though Notre Dame’s loyalty for all other sports would be Big East, but Big East football is barely above the Sun Belt in ability. Notre Dame lacks rivalries that help draw excitement. The USC rivalry is an historically great rivalry, but to be a rival, the games have to be competitive. The only competitive USC/Notre Dame the last ten years was the game that ended with “The Bush Push.” Notre Dame already plays Michigan, Michigan State, and Purdue every year, but with Ohio State so close and with some great match-ups over the last twenty years between the schools, it could help create/restore a rivalry. Notre Dame have always seen itself as the “top dog” in college football and even has its own rules in the BCS when it comes to BCS bowl games, but it’s time to put its ego aside and do what’s best for the program.

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