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Kurt Angle Caught With HGH

1996 Olympic gold medal winner and former WWE star and current TNA wrestler, Kurt Angle, was arrested this morning for possession of HGH and violating court-ordered protection in Pittsburgh, PA. He was driving with his girlfriend at the time he was pulled over. He has came out and said that he has a prescription for the drug, but he was still charged with possession.

The HGH drug in question is Hygetropin, which has 191 residues that lay naturally in the body, which is hard to detect in tests. It is used to treat people who have hormone deficiency or people who have taken HGH for years and don’t naturally produce enough. It is not surprising that Angle was caught with this, since he has been tied to HGH and steroid busts in the past. He has had trouble with pain-killers and has had some personal problems recently with the recent divorce of his wife, Karen Angle (pictured below). She is currently rumored to be dating fellow TNA star, Jeff Jarrett.

Ouch, Angle had a rough year!

It is commonly believed that many WWE stars go to TNA Wrestling, since there are no drug tests. The WWE has instituted a Wellness Policy a few years ago after the sudden deaths of many of their former and current wrestlers. WWE has made it clear that anyone who violates the policy will be suspended and/or terminated from employment. In addition to the suspension and/or termination, the WWE will issue a press release, so your name will be out there for the public to know. Many wrestlers who have been suspended for Wellness violations have found their way to TNA.

I’m not surprised that Angle got caught with HGH, not one bit. He seems like a guy who has nothing to lose, so what if he gets caught with HGH, he’s a glorified actor who relies on his physical abilities to put on a show. He isn’t breaking home-run records or scoring touchdowns, he’s grabbing men in tights and throwing them around. I love wrestling and have been watching it since I was old enough to remember. I mean no ill-regard to the industry, but Angle is a grown man and a one-man team. If he takes HGH, no one is getting hurt but himself and possibly his family if he faces a future of former wrestlers like Eddie Guerrero, Rick Rude, The British Bulldog, or Mr. Perfect. They all died far too young and I would hate anyone to see the same fate. Clean up your act, Kurt Angle. I hope they take your gold medal away.

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13 Other Guys Named "Ed"

Ed McMahon passed away last night at the age of 86. He is most commonly known as Johnny Carson’s sidekick on “The Tonight Show. He also had gig as the host of “Star Search” and handing out huge checks for the Publisher’s Clearinghouse. He lived a full life, a life that Carson famously made jokes about. It isn’t exactly politically-correct these days to make fun of someone’s alcoholism, but good ole’ Johnny was able to make it funny. He had some debt troubles here the last few years, but he will always be remembered for his hearty laugh and infectious smile. In honor of Ed McMahon, here are 13 other Famous “Ed”s.

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