13 Other Guys Named "Ed"

Ed McMahon passed away last night at the age of 86. He is most commonly known as Johnny Carson’s sidekick on “The Tonight Show. He also had gig as the host of “Star Search” and handing out huge checks for the Publisher’s Clearinghouse. He lived a full life, a life that Carson famously made jokes about. It isn’t exactly politically-correct these days to make fun of someone’s alcoholism, but good ole’ Johnny was able to make it funny. He had some debt troubles here the last few years, but he will always be remembered for his hearty laugh and infectious smile. In honor of Ed McMahon, here are 13 other Famous “Ed”s.

Ed “Too Tall” Jones – Jones played for the Cowboys for many years, before taking to the boxing ring. He was listed at 6’9, he would be a very tall guy in the NFL, but probably not too tall.
Ed Norton – This famous “Ed” has starred in blockbuster movies like “Hulk” and “Primal Fear” and epic classics like “American History X” and “Fight Club.” He is known to be a very meticulous actor. He picks great roles and makes other Eds very happy that he’s in the club.
Eddie Gaedel – He was the shortest player to every play Major League Baseball. He stood 3’7 and weighed only 65 lbs. He walked in his only plate appearance and was replaced by a pinch-runner. The St. Louis Browns’ owner denied using Gaedel as a publicity stunt, but I doubt there could be any other reason.
Edward R. Murrow – He was the most famous news broadcaster of his generation. His reports during World War II were heard and seen by millions of viewers. His journalistic broadcast skills were so great that they named an award after him. His story about Sen. Joseph McCarthy was made into the movie “Good Night, and Good Luck.”
Eddie Guerreo – Guerrero was a worldwide superstar in both WCW and WWE. He used the moniker of “Lie, Cheat, and Steal” to gain victories in the ring. He was a multiple belt champion until his untimely death. “Latino Heat” was a great performer and left everything in the ring each night.
Ed Asner – He played one of the most famous characters of the 70’s, Lou Grant on “The Mary Tyler Moore Show.” He went on to star in other sitcoms in the 80’s and 90’s. He might be more famous now for his large amount of back hair, allegedly.
Mr. Ed – This talking horse had his own sitcom in the early 60’s. The theory of using peanut-butter to make him talk was later rebutted by the horse’s trainer. They inserted a thin piece of nylon, almost like a retainer, during filming. The horse would move his mouth in order to try and remove it.
Ed Gein – Probably one of the craziest people in recorded history. He was a serial killer who saved parts of his victims. Reports say that his house could be smelled from miles away. Gein was a loner and didn’t have any friends. The villians in “Psycho,” “Texas Chainsaw Massacre,” and Jame Gumb from “Silence Of The Lambs” were all loosely based on him.
Eddie Murphy – Eddie Murphy was one of the funniest guys in the 80’s. He starred in blockbuster movies like the “Beverly Hills Cop” franchise and “48 Hours” to name a few. He had a few good movies in the 90’s, but since then, he has been leaving fans feeling disappointed. His last few movies were all bombs, but he will be “The Riddler” in the next Batman movie. Could this be a ANOTHER comeback for Eddie?
Ed Whitson – He is the least-known of all the Eds listed in this post, but his mustache is the best. Whitson was a journeyman pitcher who played 15 seasons in the majors. He might be best known for breaking Billy Martin’s arm in a bar brawl. He is now a baseball coach in Dublin, OH. I live a few miles away, maybe I will go to a game with some friends and wear fake mustaches in his honor.
Ed Sullivan – Ed Sullivan was a host of a variety show in the 50’s and 60’s. His most famous show was when The Beatles had their first American television broadcast. If it wasn’t for the appearance of The Beatles his variety show clips wouldn’t be more famous than Steve Allen, another variety show of the time.
Ed Pinckney – He helped lead the Villanova Wildcats to an NCAA Championship in 1985. The Wildcats played a perfect game in beating the overwhelming favorites, the Georgetown Hoyas with Patrick Ewing. Pinckney went on to be drafted by the Phoenix Suns and played in the NBA until 1997.
Eddie Vedder – Finally, this famous Eddie is the lead-singer of Pearl Jam. They are one of the last fossils from the “Grunge Era” of music. They are still relevant today and still sell tons of records and play in front of sold-out arenas year-round.

Do you have a favorite Ed that wasn’t listed here? Leave a comment.

RIP Ed McMahon

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