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Getting Into Basketball: A Spectator’s Guide

Okay, we all have our sport of choice. The one, prime sporting event that we will watch come rain or shine. The one team we have a relentless dedication to, queueing early for tickets to their events and ensuring that we have all the new merchandise each season. But every now and again, it may be a good idea to switch things up a bit. Watching alternative sports every now and then may just spark an interest in something new that you’ve never considered before. For now, let’s focus on basketball. Here’s everything you need to know about the sport and how to go about following it.

The Basics

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Turn Fandom Into Fitness

Nba Professional Basketball Competition ActionIf you’re a huge sports fan who never misses a game the chances are you enjoy sitting on the sofa or in a bar watching your favorite teams. There’s nothing better than a great game in a relaxed setting with friends. However if you’re worried about your fitness levels, and don’t fancy hitting the gym, you could turn that fandom into fitness. Here are some two of the best sports to watch, and how you could get fit by playing them.


Basketball is a hugely popular sport and one which teaches a great many skills. As any fan of the sport will know it involves a huge amount of variety. Players shoot, dribble, pass, defend, and do much more throughout the course of the game. Now, basketball is a stop-start kind of a game, which means it’s not recognized as a hugely aerobic sport. However playing basketball can burn up to 700 calories (when played for an hour). Burning calories is the best way to lose weight and develop tone. Not just that but playing this sport can build up your endurance and stamina. You will also be improving your balance and coordination, plus you’ll build muscle and self-discipline.

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Michael Beasley Goes To Rehab

Multiple outlets are reporting the Michael Beasley, last year’s first round pick of the Miami Heat, has entered a rehab facility in Houston, TX. We wish him well and hope that he can get his addictions and demons under control and be a force in the NBA.

Michael Beasley posted a picture on his Twitter page showing off his new tattoo. He got “SuperCool Beas” tattooed across the back of his shoulders, but what was so troubling was what was in the background of the picture. There was a mysterious baggie next to a 7-Up bottle. Soon after his posted the picture, both of his Twitter accounts were shutdown. Here is the picture that he posted showing the tattoo and the baggie.
I don’t know what’s going on that the dude, but the tattoo was enough for me to question his mindset. The angel wings tattoo is horribly done, probably something he had done before the NBA money started rolling in. Anyways, I must have written ten posts about Michael Beasley and how dominate he was at Kansas State. If the NBA rule stating that his graduating class must be one year out of school in order to enter the NBA draft, he may have went straight to the pros. If he had done that, I doubt anyone outside of Miami Heat fans would be rooting for this guy.

He had a decent season last year with the Heat, but Miami must have heard some rumblings of his problem. Rumors started going around that they were offering Beasley for a draft pick. I hope he turns things around and gets cleaned up. If he was playing last year with lungs dull of THC, he should play much better this season. I hope Miami does the right thing and sticks with him, because if they cuts ties with him now, he could come back and hurt them by excelling on another team. But also, Miami is kind of a party town, maybe it would be best if he played for Indiana or Milwaukee…just saying.
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