Getting Into Basketball: A Spectator’s Guide

Okay, we all have our sport of choice. The one, prime sporting event that we will watch come rain or shine. The one team we have a relentless dedication to, queueing early for tickets to their events and ensuring that we have all the new merchandise each season. But every now and again, it may be a good idea to switch things up a bit. Watching alternative sports every now and then may just spark an interest in something new that you’ve never considered before. For now, let’s focus on basketball. Here’s everything you need to know about the sport and how to go about following it.

The Basics

We are all familiar with basketball and many of us will know some of the big names, such as the world famous Michael Jordan. However, when it comes to the basics of the sport, many of us are fairly clueless beyond the knowledge of it being a team sport involving an orange ball and the occasional slam dunk. So, here’s a quick run through of basketball basics. Thankfully, the rules of basketball are extremely straight forward, and the aim of the game is simple. The game consists of two teams with five players on each side. Each time attempts to score points by getting the ball through a hoop which is elevated about ten feet above the ground. The court is rectangular with one hoop at each end. This court is separated into two sections by a line running horizontally through the center of the playing space. Each side of the team has an allocated side. If they gain possession of the ball in the other team’s side, they have ten seconds to return the ball to their own side of the court. The ball can only be moved down the court by passing or dribbling. This is where the main bulk of the action, as the other team’s members will attempt to retrieve the ball from the other side by deflecting shots, intercepting passes, garnering rebounds and stealing the ball while other players dribble it. When a team scores a basket, they receive two points and the other team gains possession of the ball. A free throw is worth one point if it makes it into the basket. If the basket is scored outside of the three point arc marked on the floor, it is worth three points. This is all key information not only so you understand the game, but so you can make informed decisions when sports betting or talking about the sport to other fans.

Choosing a Team

Choosing a team to support is entirely down to your own choice. If you are completely new to the game, you are unlikely to have pre existing allegiances influenced by family or friends. Good criteria to go by is to watch a few matches and decide which team you find most entertaining to watch, after all, it’s them that you’ll be spending your time watching! You can also go by likeability of key players or coaches.

So, you know the basics and you’ve chosen a team. It’s time to start checking out current news, match timetables and scheduling!

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