Sports Not For The Faint Hearted

Some thrillseekers just aren’t happy with the normal sports that some of us like. Some people love to push it to the extreme in order to get that adrenaline rush they need. But it obviously doesn’t come with risks. Some can be so dangerous and claim many lives each year. But people’s love for sport pushes them to do more, be more daring, and to have new experiences. If you’re usually into football or swimming, but feel you’d be up for a bit of a challenge, then take a read of these daring sports below. But be warned, they’re not for the faint hearted.

Rock Climbing

Rock climbing will take you to heights you’ll never have been before. People live for the adrenaline rush of going higher and higher. But it does take a lot of skill and strength, if you fancy giving it a go, you might be best off training on indoor rock climbing walls to begin with. There’s also courses you can take that’ll give you the knowledge you need to remain safe when climbing out in the open. It’s best off to go with a partner to begin with, the difference between indoor and outdoor climbing is a lot different. With the outdoors you don’t have a cushioned mat to break your fall.

Rally Driving

Have you ever been in a fast car with a friend or family member and they’ve put their foot down? Your heart sinks and you’re stuck to the back of your chair until they let off the gas a little. Imagine this, but constantly for the full length of a rally race. If you’re looking for a thrill though, this is definitely the sport for you. The race round dirt tracks, usually nature tracks specifically used for the race, at such high speeds with such accuracy. It is a highly dangerous sport, with drivers and spectators alike getting injured each year. But the speed and roar of the engine is enough to draw a lot of people in.

BobsledIt might only be a winter sport, but it is definitely not for the faint hearted. Bobsled is an olympic sport that is rising in popularity. But the dangers of it are so high, one wrong move and you’re likely to die. You’ll be hurtled down an ice path containing many twists and turns. The cart you’re in will have a break, but because it’s a sport not many people actually use it. The sleigh will reach speeds over 100mph, which is pretty eye watering when all you’re in is an open top sleigh. Now do you understand how one wrong move will kill you? But it is the ultimate way of getting that adrenaline rush so many people need. It is a teamwork sport as well, they’ll usually be around 4 people in a sleigh who will give it an almighty push to begin with. Bobsledding is becoming so popular in the winter olympics that there is now a women’s team as well.

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