The 5 Sports Apps of Champions

Sports fans have been served very well by the creation of the smartphone. Now, there is so much more access to live information than ever before, so you never need to miss a minute of the action.

Here, we will be ranking some of the most popular sporting apps on the market and talking about what it is that makes them so great. Some sporting apps will also give you access to other features like betting football on Thanksgiving, but here we will be covering news-related ones. It is likely that once you find one or two that you like, these will be the ones that you stick with in the long-run, so here they are.

365 Scores: Sports Scores Live

This is the veteran on the market; next year it will be 20 years old! But 365 Scores has always taken steps to keep itself fresh, and it gathers a host of information conveniently in one place. The push notifications are extremely quick, so you can find out what is going on with your favourite team with live updates. You can also watch highlights just minutes after they have happened in the game.


ESPN is a highly popular sports app, and with a lot of good reason. As well as all the latest scores, you can also access news coverage, live streaming and video highlights, all available in an easy-to-use package. And you also have the added advantage of being able to listen to ESPN’s various live radio stations. You can also personalise it to receive alerts when there is any news about your chosen team or sport.

BBC Sport

The BBC Sport app has made massive strides in the last few years to become one of the best on the market. The home screen provides a highlights reel, so you can read about the top stories from all kinds of sports. Live screenings and highlights are available, along with a host of analysis from the experts. It is also much more customisable, so you can find out information about your favourite sports and teams.

Yahoo Sports

Yahoo Sports is a quick and easy app to use, giving you access to scores, news and information when you are in most need of it. The notifications system means that you can keep up with your team or sport with ease, while there is a wide range of sports to choose from, so this is a great app if you are into something that is a little more obscure.


Another service that has been around for a long period of time, LiveScore was actually the first service of its kind on the internet. This is an app that prides itself on giving you detailed reports of your favorite sports, so this is where to go if you are looking for in-depth coverage.

The best way to determine your favourite sports app is to try out all the different options to see which ones work best for you. Every sports fan is different, but one of these five is likely to be the one for you.

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