Turn Your Love For Good Music Into Good Money

They say music feeds the soul, and they’re probably not wrong. Music makes you feel good, and life needs that from time to time. No wonder so many of us love music with a passion. And no wonder so many of us wish we could use that passion to earn a living. Well, maybe you can turn your favorite thing in the world into an income stream. Here are just a few ways you might be able to monetize music to suit you:

Talk About It

If you have something to say about music, then say it. Talking about music in a blog or vlog can eventually lead to a revenue stream. Sure, it takes time, lots of content, and thousands of dedicated followers. But if you stick with it, you could certainly start to earn a little from talking about the one thing you’re passionate about in life. You might review artists, tracks, or live performances. Talk about the music you like and the music you don’t.

Sing About It

If you have a good voice, why not start putting it to good use? Or maybe you’ve got some awesome licks that send other guitarists into a frenzy? There is nothing stopping you from recording your own tracks. If you can write it, you can record it. You’ll need a service like Nationwide disc replication to make sure you’ve always got copies on hand. Then sell it through your website. You get to keep all of the proceeds.

Sell It

If you like reviewing other people’s music, then why not start selling copies on your own website? You could offer fresh artists and launch platform or at least a place to be seen. You could also sell your own collections of vinyl and discs to raise some money. If you’re into a particular genre or niche, then you could soon become the go-to guy for all those rare tracks you rave about on your website. Make sure your website is seen by adding new articles regularly. These should be optimized well for search engines to help you rank well.

Become An Agent Or A Producer

Scouting out new talent is certainly a fun way to spend your evenings. If you have plenty of industry contacts, why not start providing them with the freshest new talent you can find? This one takes a lot of personal investment of time and energy. You need to be very good with people, and a background in sales can be particularly helpful. Know what the labels are looking for and deliver it.

Teach It

You don’t have to be a professional musician yourself to teach people about music. There are many areas of music that are undervalued. But with your expertise, you could easily come up with useful courses about your chosen genre or niche. Talk about the history of the style, the instruments involved, and the most inspirational artists. Run seminars or webinars that people could easily access to find out more about the music they love. Where will your love for music take you?

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