Swimmer Ryan Lochte Rescued From Drowning After Olympics Thanks To Finance Company

160819-lochte-0432_c60bfaf14ac110d64f37cad517fd9897.nbcnews-ux-2880-1000Medals are won and prizes are claimed at this kind of competition, but swimmer Ryan Lochte rescued from drowning after Olympics thanks to finance company.

Lochte is a professional swimmer, yet he was drowning in a sea of trouble after the Olympics. Troubles like these could seem endless for anybody, especially a 12-time Olympic medalist.

Some could argue that the swimmer’s problems were self-inflicted, but that does not mean he does not deserve the second chance given to him by Debt.com. In fact, the deal was for a campaign called “Second Chance”, which was only fitting.

Lochte was in Brazil during the time of the incident that scarred his career. He had a night out on the town in Rio and brought along a number of friends, which was a nice closing for the Brazilian Olympic competitions.

There seemed to be some drinking as the Olympic medalist and his friends were acting a little rowdy when they arrived at a gas station. Certainly, there is nothing wrong with a having a little fun, especially since these athletes just completed a successful competition, but sadly things turned ugly.

At this gas station, things got a little dicey and murky for everyone involved. Ryan and his friend stopped at a gas station because they needed to use the restroom. The group filed a police report saying they were robbed at gunpoint while at the gas station. The police gathered statements, including Lochte’s; he said a gun was pressed on his forehead.

Authorities took this seriously, until other stories began to be surface, leading them to discover that the report was falsified. The cops said Lochte and his friends vandalized the store and restroom, though it was later reported that the cops embellished this part of the account.

It seems the group damaged a sign and urinated on the gas station’s grounds. The station’s security guard stopped the taxi the group was in at gunpoint and demanded they pay for damages. The gun did not get close to the athletes, making much of the story fabricated.

The damage had been done, and Lochte’s image was broken. He was definitely drowning in these lies and accusations. Things got so bad that several sponsors dropped him as soon as this controversy hit the newsstands. Lochte has been trying to fight this problem in the courts, attempting to clear his name. In essence, he argues that he only embellished the story but did not lie.

What Ryan wants is a second chance, which is what Debt.com understood. The company saw a man who was thrown to the bottom of a pit and wanted to help bring him up. Debt.com has been helping Americans get second chances in life. Americans are suffering in many ways; most of them cannot save much money while others are riddled with debt, like college loans, credit cards, or mortgages they simply cannot afford.

Debt.com wanted to find a way to spread their message in a meaningful way that would get Americans to listen. They wanted Americans to know that some companies seek to help people in need. This was part of the reason why Ryan Lochte’s fall from grace seemed perfect for the company. The deal was struck, and it gave Ryan an opportunity to finally redeem himself.

Lochte’s entry into the company has created a very successful campaign. It is definitely one of the most popular the company has ever seen. Clients are responding to Ryan as the company’s spokesperson and seeking the financial help they desperately need. They are responding to the Debt.com’s commitment to giving Americans a second chance.


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