Every NBA Free Agency Signing (So Far)

Rajon Rondo Sacramento Kings 2015 NBA Free AgencyWe’ve previously explained the NBA moratorium period when we discussed the messy DeAndre Jordan contract situation. It is now over and NBA free agents are able to officially sign their new contracts.

There have been a plethora of trades including guys like Roy Hibbert, Lance Stephenson and Luke Ridnour (many times), but we are only covering the free agent signings that have been reported so far.

The only huge free agent news so far has been centered around LaMarcus Aldridge’s big decision and DeAndre Jordan’s blunder. Those guys are getting all the press, but a ton of talent that has already changed hands.

(I hope you enjoy our ‘awesome’ MS Paint edit of Rajon Rondo.)

Atlanta Hawks
Paul Millsap (re-signed)

Boston Celtics
Amir Johnson (from Raptors)
Jae Crowder (re-signed)
Jonas Jerebko (re-signed)

Brooklyn Nets
Shane Larkin (from Knicks)
Thomas Robinson (from 76ers)
Thaddeus Young (re-signed)
Brook Lopez (re-signed)

Charlotte Hornets
Jeremy Lin (from Lakers)

Chicago Bulls
Aaron Brooks (re-signed)
Jimmy Butler (re-signed)
Mike Dunleavy (re-signed)

Cleveland Cavaliers
Mo Williams (from Hornets)
Kevin Love (re-signed)
Iman Shumpert (re-signed)

Dallas Mavericks
Jeremy Evans (from Jazz)
Wesley Matthews (from Trail Blazers)
J.J. Barea (re-signed)
Charlie Villanueva (re-signed)

Denver Nuggets

Detroit Pistons
Aron Baynes (from Spurs)
Reggie Jackson (re-signed)

Golden State Warriors
Draymond Green (re-signed)
Leandro Barbosa (re-signed)

Houston Rockets
Patrick Beverley (re-signed)
Corey Brewer (re-signed)

Indiana Pacers
Monta Ellis (from Mavericks)
Rodney Stuckey (re-signed)
Lavoy Allen (re-signed)

Los Angeles Clippers
Paul Pierce (from Wizards)
Wesley Johnson (from Lakers)
DeAndre Jordan (re-signed)

Los Angeles Lakers
Lou Williams (from Raptors)
Brandon Bass (from Celtics)

Memphis Grizzlies
Brandan Wright (from Suns)
Marc Gasol (re-signed)

Miami Heat
Dwyane Wade (re-signed)
Goran Dragic (re-signed)

Milwaukee Bucks
Greg Monroe (from Pistons)
Khris Middleton (re-signed)

Minnesota Timberwolves
Kevin Garnett (re-signed)

New Orleans Pelicans

New York Knicks
Arron Afflalo (from Trail Blazers)
Robin Lopez (from Trail Blazers)
Derrick Williams (from Kings)

Oklahoma City Thunder
Kyle Singler (re-signed)

Orlando Magic
C.J. Watson (from Pacers)
Jason Smith (from Knicks)
Tobias Harris (re-signed)

Philadelphia 76ers

Phoenix Suns
Tyson Chandler (from Mavericks)
Brandon Knight (re-signed)
Sonny Weems (from CSKA Moscow)

Portland Trail Blazers
Ed Davis (from Lakers)

Sacramento Kings
Rajon Rondo (from Mavericks)
Marco Belinelli (from Spurs)
Kosta Koufos (from Grizzlies)
Omri Casspi (re-signed)

San Antonio Spurs
LaMarcus Aldridge (from Trail Blazers)
David West (from Pacers)
Tim Duncan (re-signed)
Manu Ginobili (re-signed)
Danny Green (re-signed)
Kawhi Leonard (re-signed)

Toronto Raptors
DeMarre Carroll (from Hawks)
Corey Joseph (from Spurs)

Utah Jazz
Joe Ingles (re-signed)

Washington Wizards
Alan Anderson (from Nets)
Gary Neal (from Timberwolves)

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