Jim Harbaugh’s Khakis Are Headed to Michigan

Jim Hardbaugh Michigan weird NFL head coach big tenThe most well-known secret was officially announced this afternoon. Jim Harbaugh, who just parted ways with the San Francisco 49ers, will head back to his alma mater and coach the Michigan Wolverines.

Harbaugh’s ties to Michigan go deeper than any of their former head coaches. He was the quarterback at Michigan in the 80’s under Bo Schembechler. Not only that, but Harbaugh’s father was a long-time assistant under Schembechler.

Even though Harbaugh lead the Niners to three NFC Championship games and one Super Bowl appearance, his coaching style best suits the college game. It’s hard to get in an NFL player’s face if he’s earning more than you.

Michigan needed a fiery, uber-motivated head coach…and they have one in Jim Harbaugh.

Harbaugh will have his pick of talent in the state of Michigan (and northwest Ohio). Past head coaches had the same advantage, but were unable to use it effectively. The recruiting battle with Ohio State will be ramped up to a new level.

Harbaugh had success at Stanford, but he had Andrew Luck under center. He will need to find another quarterback with the same skills. They don’t have to be as talented as Luck (good luck finding that), but he will need to be mobile and accurate.

Michigan will be better the moment Harbaugh sets foot at Michigan. Brady Hoke had success at Ball State and as an assistant elsewhere, but was not suited to be the head of one of the biggest programs in college football. I have no doubt the Wolverines will be a Big Ten contender by Harbaugh’s third year.

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