Hockey Talk: Norwegian League Hockey Player Busts A Move [VIDEO]

Adrian-Alvarstein-Dancing-HockeyWhile Joe and Eddie pay off their malt liquor 40 ouncer vs. 2-liter of Mountain Dew Code Red bet on tonight’s Red Wings game, Sweetbob is here to give you today’s edition of Hockey Talk.

I watched tonight’s episode of ESPN’s ‘Olbermann’ (I love this show, especially since a buddy of mine was called out during his ‘Worst Persons In The Sports World’ segment). He aired a video of Adrian Alvarstine, a player in the Norwegian League’s second division, busting out some dance moves after a win.

Since I love a good hockey video, I’ll share the video of Alvarstein doing his best impression of a character in the movie ‘Beat Street’.

Don’t worry, I also throw in one of my favorite NHL ice girl videos. We have an equal time rule here.

Okay, here’s the ice girls video I promised. I don’t like country, but the Dallas Stars ice girls make it tolerable.

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