‘BASEketball’ Cast: Then & Now

BASEketball-then-and-nowI really hate admitting this, but BASEketball is one of my favorite movies. I saw it with friends in the theater and I still find myself not turning the channel when it comes on HBO (it’s on as I’m writing this).

The movie only made $7 million at the box office, but has gained a cult following since its release on DVD.

The stars of the flim, Trey Parker and Matt Stone, are the creators of South Park. The duo went on to produce the puppet-oriented movie Team America: World Police and even the popular Broadway play The Book of Mormon. BASEketball is the only project they starred in that they didn’t write or produce.

It’s now 2013 and many of the stars went on to do interesting things and some, not so much.

Find out what the cast looks like now and what they’ve been up to since filming BASEketball.

Trey Parker & Matt Stone as ‘Joe ‘Coop’ Cooper’ & ‘Doug ‘Sir Swish’ Remer’Trey-Parker-Matt-Stone-2013-baseketball

Like I mentioned previously, the duo has since created Team America: World Police feature film, the Broadway play, The Book of Mormon and have continued their popular animated series South Park.

Dian Bachar as Squeak ScolariDian-Bachar-Squeak-Scolari-BASEketball-2013

Bachar is a close friend of Parker and Stone. He occasionally lends his voice to South Park. He has appeared in various projects since BASEketball, but nothing as iconic as his portrayal of Squeak.

Yasmine Bleeth as ‘Jenna Reed’baseketball-yasmine-bleeth-jenna-reed-2013

Bleeth is best known for her role on Baywatch…and for her hideous mugshot. After the movie, she had a recurring role on Nash Bridges, but has not worked this decade.

Trevor Einhorn as Joey Thomas’Trevor-Einhorn-Joey-Thomas-BASEketball

Einhorn played the role of Joey Thomas, a dying boy who was in the middle of a ‘Make-A-Wish’ wish gone bad. He went on to work regularly. He had a recurring role on Frasier and has appeared in many television shows, movies and commercials. He currently plays copywriter John Mathis on Mad Men.

Jenny McCarthy as ‘Yvette Denslow’

McCarthy has appeared in dozens of movies and television shows since she played Yvette Denslow. She is also an autism activist and is currently on The View.

Robert Vaughn as ‘Baxter Cain’
Vaughn has been a working actor for nearly sixty years. He has appeared in movies like The Magnificent Seven and Bullitt and 100+ television shows. Until recently, he starred in the television show Hustle.

Victoria Silvstedt as Herselfvictoria-silvstedt-BASEketball-2013Yes, the picture on the right was taken this year. She has not aged in 15 years. She appeared in the movie as ‘Victoria Silvestedt: Playboy Playmate of the Year’ when Doug went Hollywood. Since ’98, she has went into designing and even penned an autobiography in Swedish.

Dan Patrick and Kenny Mayne as Themselveskenny-mayne-dan-patrick-baseketball-2013

Kenny Mayne and Dan Patrick appeared in a small scene when they described the playoff situation in the league. Mayne still works for ESPN and Dan Patrick hosts The Dan Patrick Show radio/tv program and hosts NBC’s Sunday Night Football.

Bob Costas and Al Michaels as ThemselvesAl-michaels-bob-costas-baseketball-2013

Al Michaels and Bob Costas appeared throughout the movies as the play-by-play team. Michaels is currently working with Costas at NBC and both appear on NBC’s Sunday Night Football.

A post about BASEketball wouldn’t be complete without mentioning Reel Big Fish’s cover of A-ha’s Take On Me. The group is still touring and recording new music, but the lineup has changed a few times since recording this cover.

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