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barber-rg3-face-time-1Okay, I don’t normally write an entire post about how awesome another site is, but damn,¬†Busted Coverage has been knocking it out of the park consistently for a long time.

Currently, BC has potentially came across a news/gossip item that came out of left field.

We all know Washington Redskins QB sensation Robert Griffin III was recently married. The drama at the time was he accepted gifts from fans who bought items from their wedding registry (which seems like a slow news day piece to me, but NFL is a 24/7/365 sport, so NFL news is NFL news).

BC has been in contact with a lady, Meredith Barber, who claims she has been receiving flirty messages and allegedly X-rated photos from the quarterback. There’s also a hint from her that there’s more than just phone/social media contact between the two. There was even alleged text contact between RGIII and Barber on his wedding day. There is now an ‘unknown source’ trying to sell the RGIII material, who we can’t confirm nor deny if it is Meredith Barber herself.

Please head over to Busted Coverage for new details and in-depth coverage on the developing news story. We’re just doing our best to send more eyes over there to experience the awesome.

While you’re over there, check out the random Greg Oden sightings posts, like this one when he was recently at the Justin Bieber concert in Indianapolis.

In the meantime, here are a few pictures of Meredith Barber to whet your appetite (courtesy of Busted Coverage).

meredith-barber-1 meredith-barber-rg3 meredith-barber-rg3-3-4

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