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2015 NFL Team Preview: Washington Redskins

weird funny washington redskins nfl 2015 season team previewI’m sure Washington owner Dan Snyder would like a do-over and avoid mortgaging his future to trade up to draft quarterback Robert Griffin III. His tenure has been marred with injuries, fumbles and mediocrity. If there was ever a quarterback that needed a change of scenery, it would be RG3.

Washington officially starts the ‘Kirk Cousins era’ this year. Will it be as forgettable as the ‘Patrick Ramsey era’ or will he lead the team to a winning record?

The NFC East will be a beast again this season. The Giants, Eagles and Cowboys are all favored to contend for a playoff spot. It will be that much harder for the Redskins to be respectable.

Here is the 2015 NFL team preview for the Washington Redskins.

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Is Washington Better Without Robert Griffin III?

Sad Robert Griffin III RGIII RG3 Washington Redskins Kirk Cousins NFLIf you watched the Washington Redskins vs. Jacksonville Jaguars game on Sunday, I’m sorry. You are either a fan of one of those teams (sorry!) or you have a bunch of Jaguars and Redskins on your fantasy team (again, sorry!).

Washington defeated Jacksonville 41-10, but played most of the game without ‘star’ quarterback Robert Griffin III. RGIII dislocated his ankle in the first quarter.

Backup Kirk Cousins came into the game and immediately threw for a 20-yard touchdown. The crowd went crazy and RGIII looked like someone stole his girl.

Are the Redskins better off with Cousins as their quarterback?

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Are the Washington Redskins the Worst Team in the League?

dan-snyder-washington-redskins-nflIn the NFL, there are always people trying to make predictions after each week. It is the nature of the game, especially with so much dead time during the week to speculate. After just one week of action in the NFL in 2014, there are more than a few people who think that the Washington Redskins might just be the worst team in the NFL this year. They have 15 more games to prove that statement to be false, but in their opener against the Houston Texans, many things went wrong.

People in fantasy football were very optimistic about what Robert Griffin III could bring to the table in 2014. Many people thought that he would be 100% healthy going into the year after having to deal with some nagging issues last season. Instead, he struggled through the preseason, and he looked awful at times against Houston as well. Granted, Houston has a pretty strong defense, but people still expected him to be a little bit more effective.

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2013 NFL Week 8 – Betting Picks Against Spread

Cincinnati-Bengals-NFL-CheerleaderI had a good week. I went 10-5 last week. I missed on the Colts game (like everybody else), but I also picked Buffalo on a moneyline play for the upset. Need betting advice for the NFL games this weekend? We pick every game against the spread in Week 8 of the NFL season.

Say goodbye to any value in the points spreads. The value is now in the decent teams with a bad record (Atlanta, NY Giants, Pittsburgh). Those plays are risky, but they’ll payoff again this week. Keep those teams in mind in the coming weeks.

Six teams are on bye this week, so there are three less games this weekend. Whoever made that decision in the NFL office should be fired. I’m sure he’s the same guy who’s pushing for more NFL games in London.

We pick every NFL game against the spread and throw out a few upsets in Week 8 of the NFL season.

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Busted Coverage – “Where Awesome Happens”

barber-rg3-face-time-1Okay, I don’t normally write an entire post about how awesome another site is, but damn, Busted Coverage has been knocking it out of the park consistently for a long time.

Currently, BC has potentially came across a news/gossip item that came out of left field.

We all know Washington Redskins QB sensation Robert Griffin III was recently married. The drama at the time was he accepted gifts from fans who bought items from their wedding registry (which seems like a slow news day piece to me, but NFL is a 24/7/365 sport, so NFL news is NFL news).

BC has been in contact with a lady, Meredith Barber, who claims she has been receiving flirty messages and allegedly X-rated photos from the quarterback. There’s also a hint from her that there’s more than just phone/social media contact between the two. There was even alleged text contact between RGIII and Barber on his wedding day. There is now an ‘unknown source’ trying to sell the RGIII material, who we can’t confirm nor deny if it is Meredith Barber herself. Continue reading

2013 Fantasy Football: Top 25 Quarterback Rankings

Drew+Brees+Carlton+Fresh+Prince+FunnyIt’s never too early to pontificate and post preseason fantasy football rankings.

As you may know, the top of the rankings are full of the usual suspects (Brees, Brady, Manning), but a few new faces pop up at the tail end of our rankings.

Colin Kaepernick is a “sexy” name for fantasy football analysts this offseason, but will he succumb to the ‘Super Bowl Runner-Up Jinx’.

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NFL Rookies Critique Own Ratings in Madden 13 [VIDEO]

SB Nation Studios asked some incoming NFL rookies including Robert Griffin III, Mohamed Sanu, Trent Richardson and Ryan Tennenhill what their ratings should be in Madden 13. Do you think the rookies were modest in their rankings?

Spoiler: they’re not.

The video is after the jump…


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NFL: Early 2012 Fantasy Football Sleepers (Team-By-Team)

If you are a serious fantasy football player, it is time to start researching for sleepers. There is still a lot of off-season left, but the draft is over and most of the impact free agents have already signed. I pick one sleeper on every NFL team and give team-by-team analysis at this point in the off-season.

Some of the choices are no-brainers, but a few of the teams only have very deep sleepers. I didn’t focus much on quarterbacks, since nearly every team has already named a starter for next season. A lot of incoming rookies and slot receivers made the list.

The sleepers I list below consists of running backs, wide receivers and tight ends who could impact their teams and your fantasy league this season. Let me know if you have your own fantasy football sleeper that didn’t make the list. I will make sure to give you credit when I update this list during training camp. Continue reading