Chad Johnson Arrested for Domestic Violence

Miami Dolphins wide receiver Chad Johnson was arrested Saturday night for misdemeanor domestic battery, according to Davie Police Department captain Dale Engle.

The man formerly known as ‘Chad Ochocinco’ got in a heated argument with his newlywed wife and reality television star Evelyn Lozada of VH1’s “Basketball Wives”.

The altercation started in the couple’s car. They got into a heated argument and Johnson allegedly heatbutted Lozada. Johnson claims they just accidentally butted heads while arguing.

Lozada received medical attention for a laceration on her forehead…more information after the jump.

A new account of the altercation has come out. The alleged reason for the argument stems from a receipt Lozada found for condoms.

Johnson was taken to jail where he remains as of Saturday night. He is likely to remain in jail Saturday and be transferred to Broward Country. Johnson is expected to bound out of jail by 8:30 a.m. ET Sunday morning.

The Miami Dolphins tweeted an official statement, “We are aware of the situation & are in the process of gathering all the relevent information.”

If you watched HBO’s “Hard Knocks” this week, you will remember that at the 40:25 minute mark, Johnson predicts that he will be arrested during his free time. Here’s the entire first episode to scroll through.

[UPDATED] The Miami Dolphins released Chad Johnson today. Team employees were seen cleaning out his locker this afternoon.


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