Mumford & Sons Announce New Album, ‘Babel’

Mumford & Sons announced that their highly anticipated sophomore album, “Babel,” will be released on September 25th and include twelve songs.

The album will be produced by Markus Dravs, who worked with them on their debut album and has worked with Arcade Fire in the past.

Even though they toured for three years on the success of “Sigh No More”, I’m surprised they had enough time to churn out a new album. They have been extremely busy.

I have the track listing for “Babel” along with a live version of “Whispers In The Dark”, which will appear on “Babel”…it’s all after the jump.

  1. Babel
  2. Whispers In The Dark
  3. I Will Wait
  4. Holland Road
  5. Ghosts That We Knew
  6. Lover Of The Light
  7. Lovers’ Eyes
  8. Reminder
  9. Hopeless Wanderer
  10. Broken Crown
  11. Below My Feet
  12. Not With Haste

“Babel” is said to be a darker album with no singles that pop out. They wanted to make an album that is solid throughout and had a natural progression. They told Rolling Stone that fans will not be disappointed with the updated sound.

They kick off their U.S. tour on August 1st in Hoboken, NJ. If you want a full list of their tour dates, visit the band’s website.

Here is a live recording of “Whispers in the Dark”, which will be the second track on “Babel.”


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