Dez Bryant Arrested After Slapping His Mother

After the parade of arrests that plagued this NFL offseason, Dez Bryant finds himself as the Grand Marshall.

The Dallas Cowboys wide receiver was arrested on Monday on charges of misdemeanor domestic violence from an incident that occurred last Saturday. He turned himself in and was released on $1,500 bail.

The local police says that Bryant allegedly “slapped his mother across the face and pulled her hair.” Bryant’s mother says that she had pain and swelling from the assault.

Should the NFL step in and discipline Bryant or should the Dallas Cowboys do the right thing and take care of their own players? Is this the last straw or does Bryant deserve and third or fourth chance?

Let’s paint a clear picture of what kind of off-seasons Bryant has had since his rookie season.

He was first arrested in a Dallas area mall for using inappropriate language and wearing saggy pants.

Aside from stealing something, do you realize how hard it is to get arrested at a mall? I’ve done some pretty insane things in malls as a youth and I’ve never been arrested. I had a security guard chase me around for something my friend had done, but Paul Blart’s stunt double couldn’t catch us.

Bryant then found himself in handcuffs again in January when he had an alleged altercation at a Miami Beach nightclub. He was detained, but never charged with a crime.

Both of these incidents seem minor in the shadow of his recent altercation.

Dallas needs to realize that they need to do something to control Bryant before his actions get even more out of control. If he can slap his own mother, he could easily find himself in a Pacman Jones-like situation. A bad temper is a magnet for trouble.

Deion Sanders used to be Bryant’s mentor, but since the mall incident, the two haven’t kept in touch. He needs another figure who has been in his shoes and can lead him away from causing trouble and build him up. I agree with Dan Graziano from ESPN Dallas, who wrote a post about how the Cowboys need to help him, not dump him.

I do believe that Dallas should suspend him for a few games and police themselves. NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell will step in and punish him if the Cowboys don’t punish Bryant and/or not punish him enough.

This is bigger than football. The man is lost. No one should ever strike their mother. I hope he finds his way before he finds himself in jail for something even worse.


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