White Boy Of The Week: Peyton Hillis

Peyton Hillis did something that I’ve been waiting 24 years for, he wiped Craig James off the record books. In 1986, James, “The Great White Hope,” ran for 1,227 yards and was the last white running back to surpass 1,000 yards in a season. This weekend, in a loss, Hillis crossed that plateau and currently has 1,070 on the season. He has been a beast this season and exciting to watch. I’m glad to name Peyton Hillis as my “White Boy of The Week.”

I have watched nearly every Cleveland Browns game this year, mostly because they show most of them here in Columbus, Ohio. I was doing some research on Hillis for this post and ran across an amazing nickname for him. “The Albino Rhino” has been thrown out there and I hope it sticks. 
His running style is violent and he tries to leap or run over his opponent. He is prone to fumbling, which he did last week, but he will get that fixed this off-season.

Hillis has 11 touchdowns this season and to go along with his rushing yards, he has 57 receptions, 446 receiving yards, and two additional receiving touchdowns. He is a dual threat and someone that a cornerback or safety wouldn’t want to try to tackle in the open-field.

He was acquired by the Browns from the Denver Broncos for Brady Quinn. He was lost in the depth chart in Denver, but did shine when he was given an opportunity. He played his college ball at Arkansas, where he played fullback in front of first-round picks, Darren McFadden and Felix Jones. There has been a few weeks this season that Hillis had more total yards in a week than both McFadden and Jones combined.

Congratulations goes out to Peyton Hillis, he is having a fantastic season and should get a hefty contract this summer for his achievements on the field. He is currently making near the minimum, the Browns have him at a discount. The Browns are an improved team with Hillis and next season with a healthy Colt McCoy and possibly an addition of a wide-receiving playmaker, the Browns will keep getting better.

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