Eric Mangini Still Not Fired?

The Cleveland Browns fired GM George Kokinis yesterday, but head coach Eric Mangini is still the coach. I don’t know how this can happen, considering that Mangini actually picked Kokinis to be the GM. I don’t know a situation that has ever worked out when a person picks his own boss. How long does Mangini last in Cleveland?

I have seen my fair share of Cleveland Browns games since I moved to Columbus, Ohio three years ago. I thought the team last year was a joke, but they can’t even score points this year. They completely quit on Brady Quinn and decided to put Jake Delhomme Jr. (Derek Anderson) in as a permanent starter. If a QB goes 2 for 17 in one of the first games as a starter, I don’t know how many keep that role. It happened against the Bills, who to the Browns defense, made Mark Sanchez look like a, er, rookie. Nevermind, Anderson should be benched and just like the Titans did with Vince Young, the Browns need to see what they have with Quinn.

One of the reasons why many speculate that Quinn is not the starter is because he has a bonus in his contract that if he takes more than 50% of the snaps this season he gets $11 million dollars. I know that is a large number and it could be wise for a team not to spend money, but are the Browns a football team or an accounting firm? If your job is in jeopardy, wouldn’t it be wise to play your best players?

The Browns are in bad shape. I have really been back and forth about which team is the worst team in the NFL. I think the Browns are definitely in the conversation with the Rams, Redskins, Lions, Raiders, and Jaguars. The Redskins and Browns are so bad that when I watch them, they make me feel bad for them. I’m not supposed to feel sad during an NFL game. These players are making more a year than I will this decade and they are grown men, yet I think they probably need a hug after most games.

I hope the Browns get better, if that’s with Mangini, so be it, but I hope that it is soon. I get most Browns and Bengals games here and I am tired of watching horrible, sloppy football on Sundays. Is firing George Kokinis enough for Cleveland fans not to do a protest and leave their seats vacant at kickoff on Monday Night Football? I sure hope so, because it’s not about the personnel anymore, it’s about an entire franchise that seems to have lost the connection with the hard-working, blue-collar fans that pay for tickets.

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