NCAA Football – Week 1 Betting Picks

I have been known to throw down some money on NCAA football games. I have had some great success and if you do your homework, the first two weeks of the season could be very good for you. I have listed some of my picks against the spread for the Week 1 college football schedule. Good luck and please bet responsibly.

Oregon (+4) at Boise State (-4)My pick is Boise State

I predict big things for Boise State this season. Oregon did have a decent year last season, but the Broncos are playing on their blue turf and expect a high scoring game. I would say that Boise State has them beat by at least 6.5.

Navy (+21.5) at Ohio State (-21.5)My pick is Ohio State

Ohio State is out to get respect again, after getting rocked in their last few BCS games. Chris Spielman may be trying to warn the Buckeyes to “not sleep on Navy,” and he’s right, but I have the Buckeyes by 4 touchdowns against the Midshipmen.

Akron (+27.5) at Penn State (-27.5)My pick is Penn State

This game could get ugly. Penn State should score and score early. They should have the spread covered by halftime. This will be a blowout.

Western Michigan (+7) at Michigan (-7)My pick is Michigan

It kills to me bet with Michigan, but I would say that the line is near perfect. They will probably keep it close and keep it around 10 points. Michigan is going through a scandal with Rich Rodriguez by having his players workout too much. It depends if this lights a fire under their asses or play with their tail between their legs.

Nevada (+14.5) at Notre Dame (-14.5)My pick is Notre Dame

Jimmy Clausen looked great against Hawaii and he’ll have all of his deep threats back once again. This is my lock of the week (I need a better word than that). Charlie Weis lessened his schedule and should have a double-digit win total. Notre Dame will win by at least 17 points.

Georgia (+5.5) at Oklahoma State (-5.5)My pick is Oklahoma State

Georgia won’t look like a dominant team early this season. You can’t lose Matthew Stafford and Knowshon Moreno and look good. Oklahoma State will be a nice sleeper team in the Big 12 and should win by 7.

UConn (-3.5) at Ohio (+3.5)My pick is Connecticut

I know that I have been picking the home teams to cover so far this week, but I like UConn to win in Athens, OH. They have a nice program there, it took a few years, but UConn should win some games this season. They should win by a touchdown.

Virginia Tech (+6.5) at Alabama (-6.5)My pick is Alabama

The Hokies sure look like a nice upset pick here, but I can’t do it. I have bet on the Hokies at the beginning of the season the last two seasons and they haven’t looked great the first game. Alabama did lose some line pieces on both sides of the ball, but Julio Jones will rock Va Tech’s secondary and Mark Ingram should have a nice game on the ground. I would love if this spread swayed about a point more towards Va Tech, but I like Alabama by 7, if it gets higher than 7, bet the under. Keep an eye on the status of both Jones and Ingram, they could end up ineligible, so please keep an eye on this. If they end up being suspended for this game, Va Tech becomes the strong favorite.

Buffalo (+8) at UTEP (-8)My pick is Buffalo

This is my upset pick of the week. I think that Buffalo has turned things around and this spread is because of their past reputation. Turner Gill has the program playing great and I wouldn’t be surprised if they won this game outright, but for right now, I will take Buffalo with the points.

Mississippi (-16) at Memphis (+16)My pick is Mississippi

If Jevon Snead wants to out-play Tim Tebow for the SEC Player of the Year and/or Heisman, he will need to start the season with a blow-out at Memphis. I would think that they could win by at least 24 points and this spread is quite low. I would parlay this game with two more to improve your payout.

Cincinnati (+6) at Rutgers (-6)My pick is Cincinnati

Rutgers lost two keys to their offensive success over the last few seasons. Mike Teel and Kenny Britt are both gone, but Rutgers have recruited well. Tony Pike and the Cincinnati Bearcats came off an appearance in a BCS game, so they have a lot of momentum. I am taking the under and think Cincinnati will make this an extremely close again in Piscataway, NJ.

I hope you enjoy our picks. They are for entertainment purposes and please bet responsibly.
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