Review: The Class Of Football by Adam Shefter

NFL Hall of Fame speeches are great to listen to and everyone can take something from them. Former NFL Network, and currently ESPN football analyst, Adam Shefter knew this and he compiled a book of some of the best excerpts from speeches given in Canton, OH at the NFL Hall of Fame inductions throughout the years. Inductees always talk about the principles of life and lessons learned while playing the game and growing up within it. Check out the review of the book, “The Class of Football” edited by Adam Shefter, published by Harper Collins.

Listening to a Hall of Fame speech in any sport is great theater. They have spent hours, days, and weeks prepared his Hall of Fame speech and he knows that what he says at that podium will resonate with their fans. They talk about their mentors, their childhood, the history of the game, family, and teamwork. It’s as if each inductee has a checklist that every speech must have to ensure a great moment. They always dream of this very moment and is probably one of the first foe (nervousness) could get the very best of them.

“The Class of Football” is such a great book to have if you love the history of the NFL. All of the players that you grew up watching is in this book, in their own words, describing some of the principles of life and the game of football.

Mike Singletary’s speech was one of the best. He spoke about growing up poor in Houston, TX. Two of his brothers passed away and his mother sat him down and told him that “there was a greatness in him.” He ended up going back to his room and wrote down a set of goals. He described that that day, his life began. Harry Carson took the stage and pleaded for the NFL to take care of the players on the field, after their careers were over. John Mackey took the stage to tell people and players to make sure that you have “your feet on the ground.” Bill Walsh’s speech was about how not only does teamwork bring players together, but could help unite the city in times of need. Each of these speeches read like a “Bartlett’s Book of Quotations for NFL fans.” It’s a great book for fans of the NFL or any sport and is a go-to book for those who coach teams and need to get a few lessons through to your players.

You should go out and buy this book. Even if you aren’t an avid reader, it reads very fast, since most of the speech excerpts are just a few pages long. Shefter had a great idea with this book and carried out his plan with perfection. He just started at ESPN and I’m sure he will help the company with great ideas like “The Class of Football.”

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