Re-Do – 2006 NBA Draft

You can’t really grade a draft in any league until 3 years later. I did a “re-do” post a year ago with the 2005 NBA Draft, you can see that HERE.

The NBA just had their draft last week and it will take a few seasons to see if they work out. The 2006 NBA Draft has had only one all-star so far, but a few stars are starting to emerge. The teams didn’t seem to know who they wanted during the draft, 5 out of top 10 picks were traded. Toronto had the first pick in that draft, would they still pick Andrea Bargnani? Here is what the 2006 NBA Draft Lottery would look like if it were held today.

1. Brandon Roy – Toronto Raptors – The Raptors would be a much improved team with Roy in the backcourt. Andrea Bargnani has been good player, but has not been worth the #1 pick in the draft. Roy is the only all-star in this draft, so far. He has been great for the Trail Blazers and would do well in Toronto’s up-tempo offense. (Roy went #6 to Minnesota)

2. Rajon Rondo – Chicago Bulls – Chicago ended up picking LaMarcus Alrdridge with this pick and sending it to Portland for then #4 pick. Rajon Rondo has proven that he is a star in this league. This year, in the post-season, he was a walking triple-double. He would be a star on any team that drafted him. (Rondo went #21 to Phoenix)

3. LaMarcus Aldridge – Charlotte Bobcats – Don’t you think that the Bobcats would have liked to end up with Aldridge over Adam Morrison? Of course, it’s a no brainer. I believe Morrison could end up being a key reserve on a team, but he never got started in Charlotte. Aldridge has been a complete player in Portland and will be an All-Star very soon. (Aldridge went #2 to Chicago)

4. Rudy Gay – Portland Trail Blazers – Portland picked Tyrus Thomas and traded him to Chicago for LaMarcus Aldridge during the draft. Rudy Gay has been a success in the NBA and if he was on a better team, maybe we would hear more about him. He has the potential to be an NBA scoring champion and should average 20+ points per game over the next few seasons.(Gay went #8 to Houston)

5. Andrea Bargnani – Atlanta Hawks – I have viewed a few “Biggest NBA Busts” posts over the past week and Atlanta’s pick of Sheldon Williams at #5 was on many of the lists. Atlanta would have liked to have Bargnani, they have Al Horford now, but they didn’t have him back in 2006. The Hawks would look much different with Bargnani in the paint, he’s not that physical, but he can get rebounds and much-needed points.(Bargnani went #1 to Toronto)

6. Randy Foye –Minnesota Timberwolves – The T-Wolves picked Brandon Roy here, but traded him Portland . Foye actually ended up playing for Minnesota for a couple seasons, but he was recently traded to Washington Wizards. Foye is a scorer and can score without the ball. He can be in the starting-five on plenty of teams in the NBA. (Foye was picked #7 by Boston)

7. Ronnie Brewer – Boston Celtics -Randy Foye was picked here in 2006, but was traded to Minnesota via Portland. Ronnie Brewer has been a under-the-radar young talent for the Utah Jazz. He would have been a good fit in Boston or wherever he would have ended up in the trade.(Brewer went #14 to Utah)

8. Paul Millsap – Houston Rockets – The Rockets ended up picking Rudy Gay with this pick, but once again, traded the pick to Memphis. Millsap was coined as the “Next Karl Malone,” since he also came from Louisiana Tech. He came into his own in the 2008-09 seasons when Andrei Kirilenko went down with an injury. Millsap would have done very well in Houston. A Yao/Millsap tandem down low would be very productive.(Millsap was chosen #47 by Utah)

9. Tyrus Thomas – Golden State Warriors – The Warriors took a chance on Patrick O’Bryant with this pick. Thomas would have been a much better fit for the Warriors and work well in the up-tempo offense. Thomas has improved each season in the NBA and big things are still expected from this high-flyer. (Thomas was picked #4 by Portland)

10. Jordan Farmar – Seattle Supersonics – This pick would now be owned by the Oklahoma City Thunder. Seattle didn’t do much with this pick in 2006, they picked Mouhamed Sene from Senegal. The talent from 2006 falls off about this point in the draft. Jordan Farmar would be a starting point guard on most teams in the NBA. He started most of the games in 2007-08, but with the signing of Derek Fisher this season, Farmar was a key reserve off the bench for the Lakers. (Farmer was picked #26 by Los Angeles Lakers)

11. Rodney Carney – Orlando Magic – The Orlando Magic picked J.J. Redick with this pick, but at the time they needed a shooter. Rodney Carney was a good college player at Memphis and has had a decent NBA career so far with Philadelphia. He would have fit well in Orlando, because he can shoot and defend. (Carney was picked #16 by Chicago)

12. Leon Powe – New Orleans Hornets – Powe would have been an upgrade over Hilton Armstrong, who was picked #12 in 2006. Leon Powe didn’t break-out until the 2007-08 season. He was a key contributor during the Boston Celtics championship run. Powe could start on many teams and would be a James Posey-type player, who the Hornets currently have on their roster. (Powe was picked #49 by Denver)

13. Thabo Sefolosha – Philadelphia 76ers – Thabo Sefolosha was actually picked here by the 76ers, but was traded to Chicago for Rodney Carney. Sefolosha is a role player that can play solid defense. He is currently a reserve for Oklahoma City, but Philadelphia could definitely use a player like Sefolosha. (Sefolosha was picked #13 by Philadelphia)

14. J.J. Redick – Utah Jazz – Utah picked Ronnie Brewer here, but wouldn’t J.J. Redick be better in Utah than in Orlando? Utah just asks their players to do what they are good at.I have a feeling that Deron Williams could get Redick nice open shots. He would ever have to handle the ball, so he would just have to sit back and drain open 3-pointers. (Redick was picked #11 by Orlando)

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