Song Of The Day – Matt & Kim (Daylight)

My radio has been tuned to sports talk radio here of late. I don’t really understand my interest in un-athletic, opinionated people yelling on the radio about over-paid jocks. I needed to change it up and I started to discover some music that I have been ignoring the last month or two. I turned it on my favorite station here in Columbus, OH and found a band called “Matt & Kim.” I really like their style and think they are really talented.

Matt & Kim are a Brooklyn, NY-based band that met while going to school. Their album, “Grand” was released on The Fader Label. They are a punk/dance duo that have been working hard on the road to support their music. They are currently on a national tour and should be hitting a venue near you soon. Their sound is rejuvenating to the ears, something new.

If you want to find out more about Matt & Kim, check out their website @

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