How Obama got America back on its feet and marginalized his opposition

Our President just gave an outstanding address. Not only he perfectly state what his plans were for the country but showing an investment in what he expects from us. It is that expectation that had the republicans feeling the walls close in on them. After all of this “united message” from leaders of the GOP they found that their message is just a little tweet on a Twitter that no one is following. The President made everybody stand up and cheer on issues that you would of never dreamed of in the last administration. If you get Senator McCain to give a standing ovation on ending the war on Iraq or to get them to cheer about taxing the rich people I’d expect you to almost walk on water. But what the President did was to call them out in the most polite way and just pretty much force them to almost apologize for all their talking points they been putting out on TV. At least it seemed like it with all the clapping they did tonight.

Then you get Gov. Jindal with the “Republican response”. I wonder if he ever heard ¬†about the FEMA meltdown which was under Bush’s administration when he was talking about the bureaucratic red tape that halted rescue efforts. He said the lesson learned was that the government can’t do anything in a correct and orderly manor. I think he may be right but he is omitting one thing from that statement: A REPUBLICAN government failed and just because they did does not mean at all that the Obama administration is going to do things like they did the last 8 years. And the talk about the universal health care plan the Republicans have did not make any sense. If they had a plan and it is so awesome then where was it? They had control of both parts of congress and also the white house yet they didn’t bother to ever bring up the matter let alone pass anything remotely resembling universal health care. His response came across extremely patronizing. All the 80’s style “you are special” expressions will not get your party back into the country’s favor. He does represent the spirit of his party but unfortunately that spirit is out of step with the times.

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