Song Of The Day – Akon & T-Pain (Right Now)

My birthday was yesterday and I had a lot of fun. We had people over and it was one of the better birthdays I’ve had in a long time. My roommate made a playlist of music that played throughout the night. There were a lot of Lil Wayne, Kanye West, and of course Akon & T-Pain.

The song “Right Now” is pretty good, almost surprising that Akon can do this good of a job at writing lyrics. This is coming from a guy who wrote a song about how he wants to “eff you,” but was switched to “love you” and it became a hit. I like what T-Pain has done to hip-hop, but he also cheapens it a little. By singing into a voice modifier, it can even make a guy like Lil Wayne sound like he can sing a little. I’m sure T-Pain and Akon will be major players in the music business for many years to come.

Go out and buy “The Usual Suspects” album, it’s pretty good, this is coming from a guy who rarely endorses hip-hop. Here is the audio for “Right Now” by Akon & T-Pain.

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