Song Of The Day – Innerpartysystem (Don’t Stop)

Electronic-based music has been creeping into my ears the last few years. Innerpartysystem is more of a electronic-punk group, which is kind of a contradiction. Punk music derived from a stripped down DIY approach and electronic music takes very little instrumentation, since most of the music is mathematically-driven. I’m not saying that this band aren’t musicians, many of them play instruments, but they do have plenty of loops played over their instrumentation.

Innerpartysystem is a fairly new band that signed onto Stolen Transmission, which helped bands like The Killers achieve success. Their self-titled album is doing fairly well and their single “Don’t Stop” has a pretty cool video. They kind of remind me of Orgy if Orgy was still relevant or even together.

Here is the video for “Don’t Stop.”

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