Song Of The Day – War Tapes (Mind Is Ugly)

Here at America’s White Boy, we love emails, love them! We especially love emails from record labels, I still have many record label friends from my time being a music journalist, they are good people. We received an email from Katy from Sarathan Records, an Indie-label in Seattle (we love west coast indie labels). She viewed a few of our “Song Of The Day” posts and thought that we may like a band on her label called War Tapes. We checked them out and yes, War Tapes gets our nod of approval.

War Tapes have toured with Smashing Pumpkins, The Bravery, and currently, Tiger Army. Katy described them as “Interpol meets AFI with a dose of The Cure,” I love all three of those bands. I would also like to add that they sound like Alkaline Trio’s side project, Heavens.” I like their gothic undertone, which is probably the Matt Skiba-esque vocals from the War Tapes lead singer.

We already get a lot of press releases from music labels, but I always read them and love checking out new bands, so keep the emails coming.

Here is the video for War Tapes “Mind Is Ugly”
If you like what you hear, Sarathan Records is giving away a free download of War Tapes “Dreaming Of You”…Click Here to go and download it. Also, check out their Myspace Profile…until next time America.

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