Fantasy God – Ian Kinsler

Today is a sad day here at America’s White Boy, I lost out on the waiver wire to get Ian Kinsler. A team in my 10-team mixed league named “Jay Bruce Is A Baseball God” was higher up on the waiver food-chain and snagged him from me. Ian Kinsler is a top-3 2nd baseman and I’m not sure what could have possibly happened to the fantasy owner who released him mid-season, but I almost got lucky.

To update everyone on the status of my team, I’m currently in 3rd, but there is a 10 point gap between the 1st/2nd place teams and I. I needed Kinsler to really make a push. With Furcal out for the Dodgers, my stolen bases are hurting and Kinsler could have helped me with stolen bases, average, home runs, and total bases.

Ian Kinsler has been a sleeper in the past. He has always been the #2 or #3 guy on the team. This year, Josh Hamilton and David Murphy have broken out to have great seasons so far and Kinsler is staying consistent and will end the season with a little over 20 home runs, around a .300 average, and near 30 stolen bases. He should make the All-Star team, unless guys like Brian Roberts, Dustin Pedroia, or some team that needs at least one All-Star selection bumps him out.

Little known fact, Ian Kinsler is Jewish, and so is Ryan Braun. This could be the time in my lifetime that there are two Jewish ballplayers on the All-Star team in the same year. Hank Greenberg and Sandy Koufax are probably the two best-known Jewish baseball players, but Kinsler and Braun could end their careers in the same breath as those Hall of Famers.

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