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Dear Taylor Swift, Spotify Doesn’t Need You

Weird Taylor Swift funny spotify stupid face memeTaylor Swift recently made news when she pulled her new music from the popular streaming service Spotify. She wasn’t the first artist to take a stand and pull their material. The Black Keys pulled their “El Camino” album back in 2011, but it was only off the service for the first few months of its release. They clearly wanted strong sales and not many other artists have pulled material since.

Swift sold 1.2 million copies of “1989” in its first week. It is the first album this year to have eclipsed one million in sales…for the year!

There isn’t another artist that could have done this and survived.¬†One could argue that she would have sold just as many or slightly less if she kept her music on Spotify. It could have went bad in a hurry, but she’s Taylor Swift and can do no wrong.

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