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The 20 Best Punk Rock Songs of All-Time

CBGB punk rock top 20 best punk songsI’ve been a fan of punk music since my teenage years. I would buy all of Epitaph’s “Punk-O-Rama” mixtapes and would listen to just about anything considered punk. I was more interested in the bands at the time (Rancid, NOFX, Millencolin, etc), but I ventured deeper into the history of punk music. 

Punk music has went from counterculture to a genre the recording industry machine uses to sell the ‘punk culture’ to teenagers. Joey Ramone would not have approved of this.

We list the best 20 punk rock songs of all-time by 20 different bands…we also post YouTube videos of every song on the list. This list is just as good as slots online win real money, guys…so enjoy!

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