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Sweetbob’s Hipster Music Playlist: Top 25 Songs of 2014

Nick Offerman Funny Parks and Recreation Ron Swanson hipster artI’ve made a Hipster Music Playlist nearly every month this year (I think I missed one). Each playlist has 15 fresh indie songs, so I’ve posted 165 songs this year.

I glazed through my ‘America’s White Boy Hipster Music Playlist‘ on Spotify and picked out the best 25 tracks I’ve posted this year. It took me quite awhile to narrow the list down (the last five were really hard to omit).

I was thinking about doing a ‘best albums of 2014’ list, but I fear it would take forever to whittle down to an easy, round number. There are at least 75 albums that deserve to be mentioned.

This list is all over the place. It has a little something for everyone. Also, if you’re a fan of Nick Offerman, he’s in two videos on this list (FIDLAR & The Decemberists). I would love for him to exclusively be a music video actor once his Ron Swanson role wraps up on NBC’s “Parks & Recreation”

You can also find this list on Spotify in its own separate playlist. Enjoy!

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Sweetbob’s Hipster Music Playlist: January 2014

funny-hipster-guy-stereotype-suitI want to kick 2014’s ‘Hipster Music Playlist’ off right. I decided to super-size this month’s playlist (again) with 15 songs. January is usually a difficult month to find good, new music, but I didn’t have much trouble this year. Included in this month’s playlist is an hilarious video by FIDLAR that features Nick Offerman (aka Ron Swanson).

I always keep an ear out for new music. I love discovering new bands/songs, it’s a habit from my days as a music journalist. Even though this is mostly a sports blog, I still add quite a bit of music and pop culture content.

I have been called a hipster on more than one occasion. I like indie music more than any other genre of music. Don’t get me wrong, I can rock out to Richard Marx or Ace of Base (depending on the amount of alcohol in my system).

Here are 15 new indie songs I’m currently listening to. All of the songs are fresh and most have only been released within the last two months.

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